September 2012

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When it comes to decorating our house for the seasons, Pixie is my "go-to" helper. Out of Michelle's 3 wee ones, she has the strongest interest in artistic pursuits, and arranging and showcasing our finished projects is almost as important to her as the project itself. She is forever collectingRead More →

Autumn… traditionally a time to harvest the bounty from our gardens and a time of gratitude. The simple words "GIVE THANKS" reminds us to count our blessings and to Give Thanks. With just some inexpensive pine 2" x 4"s and a little paint, you can share this message with family and friends.  Read More →

After being home for a couple of weeks, I finally feel like I'm caught up enough to start tackling some projects. My list is long and mighty of things I want and need to do, so you can expect to see many new projects shared over the next couple ofRead More →

  Few things are more icon of woodlands and autumn then owls. And, here, lording over his domain, is a whimsical, yet wise owl… much like his creator 🙂 This applique, like most of ours, was designed to fit a 6″ x 6″ block, but the pattern can be enlargedRead More →

I've worn bangs for longer than most of our readers have been alive… true story 🙂 Anyway… Tim saw some sassy pics of me in the 70s, with long straight hair and no bangs. Tim: Oh, how cute. (He had enough sense not to say… you WERE so cute. GottaRead More →

Photo from Ravelry's Harpa Jónsdóttir We have dogs… and usually lots of dogs. For that reason alone, we do not have carpeting anywhere in our house. (We have a few area rugs that can be taken outside and hosed down.) Fortunately, I love wood floors, but that's just a bonus.Read More →

Check out Fairy's new bling… and no I don't mean the crazy earrings (although those are new too). Yesterday, Fairy got some serious ortho gear installed… braces and an expander. Ouch! She has a cross bite that needs to be fixed and needs space for some of her new teethRead More →

Bug has the heart of a knight… bound by honor and tradition… well, most of the time 🙂 He is a history buff, fascinated by the Middle Ages. He participates in sports, archery and fencing, that would have prepared him for knightly duties. This year he has also begun "dramatic sword play".Read More →

I am back after almost 2 weeks spent with my son, Drew, his lovely wife, Meghan, their soon to be 2 year old, Little Lady, and week old, Little Guy. What an indescribably awesome gift, to share in the birth of your child's child. I feel so blessed that Tim andRead More →

For all of our Wee Folk Art friends that don't follow us on Facebook, I'd like to introduce you to the Little Guy! Meghan left for the hospital at 4:30 this morning and LG was born at 5:57! He was 8lbs 6ozs and 21.5". Big baby… fast delivery 🙂 MomRead More →