Bath Tub Paints

Bath Tub Paints

This is a recycled post from Wee Folk Activities, first published October 2008. We have made this recipe for Bath Tub Paints several times now… with some modifications (namely I’ve added more cornstarch over time). The recipe shared below reflects those changes.

I googled bath tub paints and ended up combining a few directions to accommodate what we had in the house. No shaving cream and I wasn’t about to use up our California Baby shampoo (although if we do this again in the future I will definitely use a tear-free clear shampoo instead of the dish soap – we got some bubbles in the eyes!).


1 cup mild clear dish washing soap or baby shampoo

8 TBSP cornstarch

food coloring


Mix slowly mix in corn starch to dish washing soap until you get the right finger paint texture. It should be thick enough to not be drippy. Divide into separate containers (you can use ice cub tray for small amounts of lots of colors). Add food coloring to get desired colors.

Before we cleaned up we took some prints of the kids work. I think the tile pattern looks pretty cool. The food coloring cleaned up with no problems… my grout looks better than before. We used some store bought bath crayons before and they left color in the grout. Please note: This does produce a lot of bubbles when you start cleaning it up.


I posted about the bath tub paints again in May 2009. I made a batch of the Paints and we used it outside. It was a great way to clean up our patio furniture in the spring. When the kids were done painting, I sprayed down everything with the power spray setting on our hose.


Funny excerpt from that post: All was well until Pixie decided to clean the dog when I had my back turned. LOL! I ended up with a half sudsy, half muddy, annoyed schnauzer. But other than that it was a great way to make a mundane chore a lot of fun.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Is it just me or do those paints have a Willy Wonka look to them. If I were a kid I think I’d try licking the wall! What fun. Great idea moving it outside for a little spring clean up.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe I could get the kids to clean the bathroom if I let them finger paint with this on the bathroom floor. hehe

  3. Oh this looks like fun! Makes me wish my kids were still wee. Maybe I’ll just have to try it myself!

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