Big Gnomes for Little Hands Delivered

Big Gnomes for Little Hands Delivered

Just in the knick of time, I finished the last 2 gnomes in our series, Big Gnomes for Little Hands, and was able to take them with me on my trip last week, and give them to The Little Lady. She was quite smitten with them, and spent half her time chewing on their hats (giving them a wonderfully unique look) and half her time holding onto the hat and swinging them around. And, yes, I can speak from experience, it does hurt when you are clobbered in the nose by a 7 month old armed with a gnomie 🙂



Next summer, Tim and I will be building her a gnome house (and, yes, the summer of 2012 we will FINALLY do a tutorial on how to make a gnome house!). She will then be old enough to play with the smaller gnomes without fearing a choke hazard. In the meantime, she has a set of 6 rainbow gnomes, perfect for little hands.

If you know of a set of pudgy little hands that would enjoy her own set of big gnomes, the tutorials can be found below:

Heart and Cloud Gnomes

Toadstool and Sun Gnomes

Lavender and Apple Gnomes



  1. Oh, your Little Lady so intent and content. These are the most beautiful gnomes I’ve ever seen. I don’t have any of the large pegs but I shrunk the patterns so they fit the regular pegs. I am making them for a b-day gift for my 5 year old son. He loves all things gnome.

    1. We have begun the invasion of the gnomes here! so much fun and boy do they get into mischief!

      1. Hey… that's why we keep them around 🙂 Never a dull moment!

  2. Just beautiful! The gnomes are cute too 😉

  3. I am in awe. They are so sweet and so is the little lady. 🙂 Do you buy your big gnomes at the Casey Wood website? I can’t wait for the gnome house tutorial!!

  4. And the baby’s really cute too! Definintly going to have to make these. Thanks for another great project WFA!

  5. i love seeing them all lined up like that…and love seeing them in wee hands even more! your embroidery is sososo sweet!!

  6. I love her chubby little face, hands, and legs! I love those gnomes. The combination is almost too cute!

    much love,

  7. So nice!! And how cute is the little lady 🙂
    I cannot wait for the gnome house tutorial, but there’s enough inspiration here to keep me busy until then, i guess 🙂

  8. these have to be THE cutest things ive ever seen… ^_^

  9. your site is so wonderful!! excuse my english, I’m french!
    you have so precious ideas, I love your gnomes

  10. I live in New Zealand – where do I purchase people body wooden pegs? Love the look of the gnomes.

    1. Sorry, I'm don't know of a retailer of the wooden peg people in NZ. Here are the sources I use in the States:

      I get the large pegs from Casey's For lots of other choices, including finger put style pegs, make sure to check out the interesting selection at a Child's Dream. She has some dollhouse doll bodies I want to start playing with.

      I've got to believe SOMEONE makes and/or sells these in NZ.

      Sorry I couldn't help and good luck.

      BTW… If you do find a source please let me know. We have many readers from NZ that I'm sure would be interested if you do find a supplier. Thanks 🙂

  11. So sweet you gnomes! Congratulations! I love gnomes! I have some gnomes on my house, but they are made of other material. Tks!

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