Building Bug’s Bench

Building Bug’s Bench

Turn around and they go from playing with building blocks to building with power tools! Where does the time go?

For a while now Bug has been asking Tim (Othy to the wee ones) to teach him about woodworking. For many months our house was in complete disarray as we were having our new addition, including a woodworking shop for Tim, built. When that was done, it took several months more of Tim collecting up all of his tools and equipment from EVERYWHERE before finally moving into his new woodworking shop.

Finally, Tim has his shop functional. YAY! We will all benefit from that, and the other night he saw plans for an outdoor bench that he thought would be a perfect place for Bug to start. Of course, all the children have been making small wood projects for years, but now that Bug is 12, Tim thought it was time to start teaching Bug how to use some of the power tools.

So, this past Sunday, Bug and Othy worked side-by-side, and within a few hours, Bug had made his first “grown-up” project. He measured and cut the wood, drilled pilot holes and pocket holes, then glued and screwed the whole thing together. At each step of the way Othy was teaching Bug all about woodworking safety. 

As Bug used each tool for the first time, Tim helped guide his hands, but as he moved forward and gained more and more confidence, Bug was making cuts, drilling holes and using the electric drill to screw in screws all by himself.  You can see the look of pride and satisfaction on his face when he was all done. 

For all of you that want to dabble in woodworking… if Bug can do this… so can you!

Bug and Othy are already thinking about their next project!

To get the FREE plans and tutorial for building this bench visit Jay’s Custom Creations by clicking HERE. Also, the site has a 5 minute video.

Suiting Up

Checking and rechecking the directions.

Safety first. At each step of the way the boys discussed important safety considerations.

Measure twice… cut once.

Othy guiding Bug’s first cuts.

Drilling pocket holes.

Assembling the bench.

Finished bench

Bug and Fargo enjoying the new bench




  1. Fantastic! I love building and love encouraging my own children (7 and 4) to pound nails and do small projects of their own. It’s such a great experience for them and the pride they feel once they’ve accomplished something is priceless to see.

    Would you mind sharing that protective head gear that Bug is wearing? I think it would be perfect for when my kids get older instead of the safety goggles that sometimes fog up. I might even prefer it for myself as I wear prescription glasses and that looks like it could easily be worn over them.



    1. We have two different masks. He’s using this one:

      I have this one (not seen in any picture):

      Both provide the same level of safety protection (same impact standards). I would recommend either. I had him wearing Kimara’s (it has “Hers” in one of the pictures) just so I did not change my settings for fitting my head.

      I will attest to the safety of these masks (and Kimara will affirm).  Last year, I gave her a one day wood turning class at a local woodworking store where we turned a couple of medium sized bowls.  During the final stage, my bowl broke loose, hitting me fully in the face.  Knocked the shield off.  I came away unscathed.  

      Wear one.  And ear protection.  And short sleeves.  


  2. Great project! Something very useful that will last for years. Good job Bug!  We gave a cordless drill to our 10 year old for his birthday this year.  He took off a few cabinet doors to straighten them.  Tightened bolts on the table and when I need a hole drilled he is right there.  The best confidence builder ever. 

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