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Welcome to the Wee Folk Art World of Gnomes and Fairies. Wee Folk Art offers the largest collection of free gnome patterns and fairy patterns on the web. It can be called Peg Gnome Pattern Central and is home to the basic Waldorf Gnome Pattern.

Our love of all things gnome began many years ago with our simple Waldorf Peg Gnome Pattern. Once these little peg gnomes entered our homes, our fantasy fun began. Our gnome collection quickly multiplied. Soon the Waldorf Peg Gnomes were inviting their Flower Fairy friends over and even peg leprechauns showed up and began causing mischief.

Types of Gnome Patterns

We now have a vast collection of different gnome patterns and tutorials. You can make peg gnomes, wool roving gnomes, paper clay gnomes, or even carved wooden gnomes following our tutorials.

Our woodland gnomes needed a place to call home in their thicket. We built them a lovely woodland tree house and have had fun furnishing it with doll size furniture made from natural materials. More recently our newest additions to our gnome world have included the Seaside Gnomes and their Mermaid friends.

Gnome Lore & Stories

The fantasy world of gnomes and fairies is developed further with our campfire stories. Don’t miss out on the gnome adventures in the Thicket Tales or Seaside Escapades stories.

Along the eastern seaboard, just south of a sleepy little human fishing village, there lives a colony of gnomes. Their wee cove was protected from threatening storms and overly inquisitive humans hundreds of years ago by several very powerful sea fairies. Here, in Hidden Cove, not much changes from centuryRead More →

Here at Wee Folk Art we are embarking on a new project. And it is BIG… actually it is quite WEE… but HUGE at the same time. Here is a sneak peek. We are so excited to share everything with you, but it does take time. If we are notRead More →

Whether you are a gnome, fairy or a wee doll, nothing makes a special occasion more special than a beautifully embroidered tablecloth. This miniature tablecloth is perfect for spring and summer!   Britta received a package in the post with this note. Dearest Britta, I know how much you haveRead More →

If you have wee creatures in your life, like fairies and gnomes, chances are they will be sending letters to loved ones. Today, on Wee Folk Art, use our miniature envelope tutorial to make them a whole box of stationery! While Britta was off collecting dried grasses to weave intoRead More →

Over the years we have helped Britta, the matriarch of our wee gnome family, decorate for the holidays. Here are a few of the Gnome Valentines Crafts we have shared. Hope you find something your gnomes will like! In many ways gnomes are just like you and me. They loveRead More →

Now that you’ve learned how to build a gnome home, don’t forget about getting your wee ones from one level to another. If you would like to add a set of stairs to your gnome home, you can find a tutorial for making them HERE, but for nimble gnomes a ladderRead More →

When you finish assembling your gnome home, you must give consideration to how the gnomes will get from one level to another. They aren’t fairies, after all, so they can’t fly! Whenever we build a gnome home, we always include at least 1 set of stairs. Here is our tutorialRead More →

By now you have designed your Gnome Home and have cut and sanded all parts. You are now ready to start putting it all together. Are you excited? You should be! Here we go! GNOME HOME TUTORIAL LINKS: Part 1: Getting Started can be found HERE. Part 2:  Cutting OutRead More →

We started Wee Folk Art back in July of 2008, so we are celebrating 7 years of sharing our passions here on the blog. Every once in a while I love to flip around through our early blogs. In the beginning we were trying so hard to find our footing.Read More →

Source for all photos can be HERE. While strolling through our wooded yard, I catch movement out of the corner of my eye. My head tells me a chipmunk scurried past, but my heart whispers “fairy”. In the distance I can hear a high pitched tinkle. My head tells meRead More →

Is there anything more precious than a new born baby? I think not! And, have you ever wondered where baby gnomes come from? Well, here’s your chance to find out. When Pixie and Fairy saw the new Forest Gnome Family, the first thing they both said was, “Where’s the baby?”Read More →

In preparation of this weekend’s give-away sponsored by Bella Luna Toys, we received a Fairy House Kit to try out and review. It is an all inclusive (you just provide a screw driver and your imagination) kit designed by Pied Piper Crafts that even includes a hot glue gun. AlthoughRead More →

This is the second and final part of our Festival Gnome. Part 1 of our Festival Gnome can be found HERE. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO PREVENT MISUSE OF MATERIALS. IMPORTANT: Do not cut out the hat until you have added the hair. Then, cut the hat out ofRead More →

  There are many celebrations in The Thicket, and Britta wanted a new dress for those special occasions. Here, Britta is wearing her Festival Dress, in red and aqua, with pretty flowers everywhere.   You can make your own Festival Gnome. Directions are in 2 parts. Here is Part 1.Read More →

Britta and I were chatting the other day, and she said she was ready for a make-over. We had tons of fun deciding on a new style, and then we both got busy stitching away. I think she looks lovely! Next week she'll model for many more photos and I'llRead More →