Making a Button Shank

Making a Button Shank

A shank is a metal, plastic or thread column used to hold a button away from an item, making the button loose and easier to button. It also strengthens the button making it a great choice for buttons that take a lot of stress, like at a waistline. This is directions for creating your own shank on a flat button.

1] Using 2 strands of floss or thread bring the needle up through the material where you want your button positioned.


2] Make 1 small secure stitch.



3] Position the button in place. Place 1,2 or 3 toothpicks over the button. (This depends on how long you want your shank. The thicker the material you are using, the longer you want your shank.



4] Sew the button in place going over the toothpicks on top of the button.



5] When the button is secured DO NOT cut the thread. Remove the toothpicks.



6] Position your needle so it is between the button and the fabric.



7] While holding the button away from the fabric, tightly wrap the thread around the shank (the loose threads) 3 or 4 times.



8] Tie off the thread and clip.



9] The button is now secured to the fabric with a thread shank.






  1. Thanks so much for this post. I have a coat button to replace and I’ve been procrastinating because I didnt know how to do this. Very useful info.

  2. I came here to look at the yarn color wheel, but this tip is very timely. Thanks!

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