Maple Sugar Candy

Maple Sugar Candy

We when got home from the Sugar Bush we decided that we needed to make our own Maple Sugar Candy. But I think I should point out, I am not a candy maker… in general I just don’t have the patience for it. Sugar can be a tricky beast ;). I’m guessing some of you more experience confectionery chefs can give some us pointers… but here are the basics for making your own Maple Sugar Candy.

What you need:
2 cups Maple Syrup
candy thermometer
tray, candy molds or muffin tins to pour off candy
wooden spoon



Bring the Maple Syrup to a ‘soft ball’ heat (235F), stirring occasionally. If you do not have a candy thermometer drip the syrup into a cup of cool water. When a drip of syrup forms a soft ball in the water you have reached the right temp.





Remove from heat and let it cool down to 125F without mixing. Once it has reached 125F, stir until the syrup loses its glossy color and takes on a creamy look.





Pour off into greased candy molds. (I think we stirred ours too long and it clumped, not poured into the molds – oh well, it is still tasty).





Let cool and enjoy. The kids watched the whole process… of course I would let them no where near the boiling sugar (keep kids away at a safe distance – IT IS HOT). They loved cleaning out the pot. We are breaking up our Maple Candy and using it on our oat meal. Yum!







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