Patchwork Turkey Applique Pattern

Patchwork Turkey Applique Pattern

Patchwork Turkey Applique Pattern and Thanksgiving Pillow Project

turkey-pillow2Patchwork Turkey Applique Pattern Thanksgiving Pillow Project

This scrappy Thanksgiving Turkey pillow came together very quickly. It was a fun project that used up the littlest bits of fabric and some coordinating embroidery floss. This a great applique project for beginning sewers and kids. It can be made even easier by using fabric glue and fabric markers if you would like to convert it into a no-sew project. Although you will need to do some basic sewing if you wish to turn the applique into a pillow case.

Patchwork Turkey Applique Pattern Materials:

Patchwork Turkey Applique Pattern Directions:

Trace the outline of the turkey embroidery onto the muslin fabric. Be sure to center the turkey. You can choose to make small marks where the points of the feathers will be laid out for placement reference or you can just have fun arranging your own feathers however you like.

Embroider the turkey head, chest, and legs using two strands of brown embroidery floss and a back stitch. Use a contrasting color to embroider the eye.

Cut out 34 scrappy patchwork feathers.

Attach the feathers to the muslin using two strands of embroidery floss and a simple running stitch down the middle of the feather. The edges of the feathers will be floppy. Add one feather to the throat of the turkey.

Patchwork Turkey Applique Pattern

Thanksgiving Pillow Project

Once my patchwork turkey applique pattern was done, I turned it into a decorative pillow case. I do not have step by step directions for making this Thanksgiving Pillow, but we have created several different pillow case patterns over the years. You can check out these posts (listed below) for inspiration on how to turn your patchwork turkey applique into a pillow.

Thanksgiving Sewing Project Turkey Pillow


For my turkey pillow, I trimmed the muslin to 11 inches wide with the turkey applique centered. I then added a 2.5 inch border around the patchwork turkey applique and used a coordinating fabric for the backing. I used a 3/8 seam allowance and it fits my 12 inch pillow forms well.

For more detailed directions on how to make a decorative pillow case, check out these previous posts:


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