Rejoicing Angels Watercolor Paintings

Rejoicing Angels Watercolor Paintings

Heavy Water Color Paper
Contact Paper
Plastic Wrap
Sheet of Card Stock
Watercolor Paints
Angel Pattern



Print off the Angel Pattern I drew (or design your own).
Trace the angel onto the contact paper, flip the angel and trace it again.
Cut out the contact paper angels, peel the paper backing and place the angels, facing each other onto the center of the watercolor paper approximately 3″ apart.





Paint over the entire page with watercolor paints in sky colors. You can paint over the contact paper but try not to get it too wet near the edge or it may bleed under the contact paper.





Once the entire page is painted, you may need to damped the whole page again with a squirt bottle.





Cover the page with wrinkly plastic wrap. This will make an interesting, marble like texture.





Remove the plastic wrap (we were able to reuse the same piece of plastic wrap for all 3 paintings).





Let the painting dry. Once it is completely dry you can peel off the contact paper angels.





Paint a 1/4 piece of card stock in contrast colors (yellow, orange reds… the girls had a hard time following those directions… lol).





When that dries, trace the banner image onto the painted card stock and cut it out. (You could use a piece of yellow or orange construction paper instead).





Write REJOICE on the banner. Then glue it down on your painting so that it just touches each of the angels hands.





Squeeze out glue in an oval shape over the angels’ heads.





While the glue is still tacky, sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess glitter.





Hang up your angel painting.







Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


    1. Thanks for sharing, Kareena. Love your Cupid! It looks like your daughter took her job very seriously 🙂

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