Every summer, Tim and I like to add something new to the yard for the wee ones. One year it was a dragon swing, another year log balance beams. There have been pools and play structures, fairy gardens and water fountains. This year we bought a Slackline from Bella Luna Toys. What, you may ask, is a slackline, or more importantly, slacklining? According to Wikipedia “Slacklining is a practice in balance that uses nylon webbing tensioned between two anchor points. Slacklining is distinct from tightrope walking in that the line is not held rigidly taut (although it is still under some tension); it is instead dynamic, stretching and bouncing like a long and narrow trampoline.”

I was thrilled when I got it in last week. Michelle, not so much so…

Michelle: (Going all wild-eyed and the right side of her mouth twitching.) Are you crazy? The recital is this weekend.

Me: So?

Michelle: Kids keep coming into the dance studio with ankles wrapped or on crutches. They’re dropping like flies!

Me: And?

Michelle: MOM! The girls are in 8 dances. We bought 8 costumes. They aren’t doing anything remotely risky until AFTER the recital!

I get all contrite when my baby girl looks at me like I’m being all obtuse… because when she’s right, she’s right, which is most of the time 🙂 (Have I ever mentioned, I want to be just like her when I grow up?) Anyway, like a disappointed 8 year old, I put the slackline away, but yesterday we were finally able to set it up and the kids had a blast! Of course, there is a learning curve, but by the end of the day, they were each able to stand on the line and hold their balance, even get in a few steps before jumping to the ground. By the end of the summer, they’ll probably be doing flips on it!

Fortunately, a small frog was spotted in the mulch before anyone fell on it! Pixie transported it to safety!

While waiting for her turn, Pixie decided to play in one of the many puddles still in our yard after the construction. No, that is not a road… well, actually, it is a road the construction vehicles created. Supposedly, they’ll be by today for the finish grade and to seed the disturbed areas! YAY! Although, I do think the wee ones are going to miss all the mud!

And, here there are… gaining in confidence!

Here’s a peek at the front of our house… just cuz 🙂 Everything is so fresh and lovely at this time of year. I’ll take some photos of our whole yard as soon as the rest of the construction debris has been removed!




  1. so…we won’t be getting the rope…but…I have now spent 1/2hr “wishlist shopping” at Bella Luna Toys:)  I don’t even know what to pick first..and the dishes still aren’t done:)

    1. Hehe… I often get lost over at Bella Luna Toys. Not only is the selection great, but wait to you deal with Sarah Baldwin, the owner, she truly is a dear! Can’t say I’m sorry 😉 The dishes will always wait for you, a little day time dreaming is always fun! ((hugs)) ~Kimara~

    1. No… but come back on Saturday, June 28, for a Bella Luna Giveaway 🙂 It is awesome!


  2. We had a balance board shipped to Alaska a few years ago and it is still beloved today! And my girls are BIG! LOL  They have great toys and I agree, Sarah is a beautiful soul!

    1. Make sure you come back Saturday, June 28, for a Bella Luna Giveaway. You won’t want to miss your chance to win an awesome “something” 🙂

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