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In the summertime I could spend hours playing Jacks. And when I talk Jacks, I must talk Grandma Pearl. My Grandma Pearl taught me many things, including how to knit, BUT as a child, I was most impressed with her Jack playing expertise. This old lady was a Jack playing wizard! When she pulledRead More →

    Part 1 can be found HERE.   Part 2 can be found HERE. Here are the last two gnomes in our Big Gnomes for Little Hands series. For instructions on how to make these “big guys”, check out the tutorial HERE. The actual pattern for our Lavendar Gnome and our Apple GnomeRead More →

  Part 1 can be found HERE.   Part 3 can be found HERE. Here are the next two gnomes in our Big Gnomes for Little Hands series. For instructions on how to make these “big guys”, check out the tutorial HERE. The actual pattern for our Sun Gnome andRead More →

The gnome home is finally all decked out for Spring and our wee ones have been busy on adventures with our friends that dwell there. We thought we’d take you on a tour, floor by floor. (BTW… we are in the process making several ladders and an elevator to makeRead More →

So, if you know me at all… if you’ve read my blogs for at least a year… you know I don’t “do” Spring Cleaning. If you are so inclined, and haven’t done so already, you can read my sage words on the topic HERE. Having said THAT… I do helpRead More →

If you can believe it, I’m still sick. I’ve been watching this flu/cold change directions so many times I’m dizzy. Seems this week I’ve settled in to a nice case of laryngitis! Can’t complain, though, I am feeling lots better than I did last week at this time! Having said allRead More →

Are you or your child new to sewing and want to make something simple? Do you have a friend expecting a baby? Do you just have a couple of free hours this afternoon and want to do something productive? These little sweethearts are fast and easy to make. They are wonderful projects for childrenRead More →

First off, we’d like to thank everyone that entered Sarah’s Silks Giveaway sponsored here at Wee Folk Art. The prize includes: Silk Lined Basket Hand Dyed Rainbow Wings Mini Rainbow Streamer Lavender Playsilk And, Reversible Blue/Rainbow Crown  Next, remember to watch for Sarah’s Silks new blog that will go live shortly.Read More →

I absolutely feel in love with this Coiled Rag Bowl last summer. I made this bowl to hold all the other rainbow gifts I made for Pixie’s birthday. I’ve meant to return to this project and make other containers using this technique, but alas, I have yet to. Hmmm… The roping canRead More →

Edit: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone that participated! WHERE Michelle and I chose to buy toys for the wee ones is every bit as important to us as WHAT we buy the children. We seek out shops and products that carry the finest materials and ones thatRead More →

After due consideration, I decided to make a bunny doorstop for several reasons; it got the most votes, it is seasonal, it is both a barnyard and woodland creature, and finally, and probably most importantly, Pixie wanted a bunny 🙂 Due to widespread family illness, I actually had a Sunday withRead More →

        When a child’s basic needs are met, i.e., food, clothing, shelter and love, they are free to explore the world around them with confidence. Artistic expression is a natural outpouring of this assurance. Today we are talking again with the ever charming and wise Sarah Baldwin;Read More →

It’s Friday… in household across America, it means PIZZA! So what better day of the week to introduce our play Felt Pizza? And not just ANY pizza. We have enough toppings here to satisfy the most discerning palate, or the pickiest eater! And with 6 different toppings… pepperoni, mushrooms, greenRead More →

I was hoping to get a pattern up before the holidays for the sweet pea sleepers I made for the girl’s dolls. Unfortunately, it seems that all 12″ knit dolls are not the same. Every time I make a sleeper, I have to make them different because the sizes and shapes ofRead More →

Yesterday there was a lovely comment made by Tara at Fiddle Mama. (Thank you, Tara 🙂 She also mentioned that she just made the Quick Craft Basket. She was delighted that now she has all their crafting supplies in one spot, and when the creative juices start flowing in her wee ones, she isn’t riping the house apart looking forRead More →

Few things can make a gnome get a rumbly in his tumbly faster than the smell of fresh mushrooms sauteing in a frying pan. Axle thinks Britta should add mushrooms to just about everything she makes. Because Britta shares his love for mushrooms, she’s willing to cook them as long as heRead More →