EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating :)

Yesterday, Sarah Baldwin, Waldorf educator and owner of Bella Luna Toys, shared some thoughts on the importance of Artistic Expression in the life of a family. Today, we are sharing a wonderful give away with our readers through the generosity of Sarah.

The Give Away includes: 

1 Crayon Pouch by mosey handmade, in the winner's choice of either the Moon & Stars or Floral style

1 Set of 8 Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons AND
1 Set of 16 Stockmar Beeswax Stick Crayons

1 Copy of Coloring With Block Crayons by Sieglinde de Francesca

Value: $99.00

Isn't this totally awesome? (Far out, even!) Michelle and I are so excited to be able to share this with our readers. Naturally, everyone is welcome to enter, and all you need to do is thank Sarah for her tremendous generosity, and tell us which style Crayon Pouch you will choose if you are our lucky winner! Fun, right? And just 'cause we like to do this, how about a second chance to win? Just head over to BellaLuna's beautiful on-line shop, poke around, and revel in its warmth and charm. Then, come back here, leave a second comment and tell us which ONE art supply you would most like for your family. (Personally, I would like the Artemis Plant Color Modeling Beeswax!)  

So there you have it! (Told you it would be spectacular!) The Give Away runs from today, Wednesday, March 9, through Sunday, March 13, at 9:00 p.m. EST. One lucky winner's name will be drawn at random, and announced on Monday. Then simply email us your snail mail address, and Sarah will mail you your prize lickety split! (NOTE: Winner has 1 week to contact us or a new winner will be drawn.)

Good luck to one and all. And THANK YOU, Sarah. As always, you are a gem!

BTW... Besides visiting Bella Luna Toys regularly, make sure to visit Sarah's blog Moon Child :)



Our family would TOTALLY love the Herbal Adventure Board Game! But all of the toys look AMAZING!

Thank you for this great giveaway, Sarah! I think our family would love the floral crayon pouch. It is perfect for Spring!

What a wonderful present... thanks for this and for sharing, Sarah, Kimara and Michelle...

I would love the stars and moon crayon pouch.

I made one similar a few years ago for our Lyra and it has been useful and used many times since then. I never though of doing one for the blocks and stick crayons.

I will cross the fingers to be the winner... who knows... :-)

How cute! I would have to choose the moon and stars.

Many thanks Sarah for this giveaway! I'd choose the floral roll up. Can't resist anything Spring like these days!

I am a regular drooler over at Sarah's website. My visit there just now reminded me how much I'd love a nice set of colored pencils for my kiddos (and myself!). Thanks again!

I'm just coming back from Sarah's website...
Although there are many things I love there - and several of them we already have - my attention was captured by the 'Main Dory rocking boat' ! I had never seen something like that before. I think it's really original and I'm sure children must love it!

Thank you for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway! I homeschool my 3 children and we would really love these amazing crayons! If I were to win, I would love the stars and moon bag! Love Sam

thank you for this great giveaway...
my daughter's name is 'sterre' which means 'star', so i would chose the moon & stars pouch (of course!)
she has no pouch of her own and shares one with her big brother, she would be so happy if we win...

a great art supply is the Stockmar beeswax!

I've been eyeing the paint jar holders for a couple of years now. Oh to not have the paint be spilled!

And many thanks for such a wonderful giveaway and for providing so much inspiration!

Such a generous giveaway.
I love the moon and stars pouch! It's simply adorable and full of whimsy!
joy and peace to you!

This is a fabulous giveaway!!!!! I cannot believe it. I just showed it to my daughter and she just oooh and ahhhed over the Moon and Stars holder.

What a wonderful giveaway.. many thanks Sarah!!


I'm with you on the beeswax. I loved modeling with that stuff as a kid and am so looking forward to playing with it with my daughter. Thanks for the give-away.

well, really, i love every single one, but like you, i think I would go for the plant color modeling beeswax, too! I have four very busy, very creative, very imaginative and fun homeschooled little ones who would just eat that stuff up (not literally!).
again, thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

Thanks for the opportunity! I'd love one of the star and moon themed crayon rolls!

Okay, Emma has decided she likes the Artemis Plant Colour Crayons - she thinks it is cool the colors all come from plants.

I think I would pick the moon and stars just because I think my son would like it more. :)

Thank you so much for this giveaway! If I'm fortunate enough to win, I am sure my child would love the moon and stars style.

I seriously would want the crayons more than anything else because crayons are just so essential. :)

The Lyra Color Giants pencils would be a great addition to our art supplies -- we love those pencils and have a few, but the set of 12 looks fantastic.

Thank you so much for your interview and your generous giveaway!!! And we like the moon and stars

Definitely the modeling beeswax here too. It is something I have been wanting to try with my son for a while and just haven't had the money or opportunity to purchase some.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I would love to win the floral crayon holder!

Oh dear, what a beautiful art roll. The stars and moon pouch would be great for my 2 year old (who loves planets) as well as my 7 year old (who is amazed by black holes).

What a generous give away! We would love the moon and the stars holder!

I would love to win the watercolor paper or some watercolor paints from the website.

Thank you Sarah!!!
I love the floral design!!!

After reading yesterday's post, I am rather anxious to try the stockmar water color paints!

Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway! If I were lucky enough, I think I'd pick the moon and stars for my boys. I think the flowers are gorgeous, though. (:

Ooooh. I think I'd go with the Waldorf Paint Jar Holder. My two oldest boys are forever sliding jars around the table. After a few spills onto the floor I've resorted to using an old ice cube tray. It works, it's just not as pretty. (:

I want to get the painting board because my kids are starting to really love painting!

Love Bella Luna Toys...first pick, stars and moon...second, Artemis crayons...thank you! :)

Our little hands would love the crayon rocks. Those are so cool.

Awesome giveaway! I had a very artistic 4 year old who would love this crayon pouch. I'd also love to try the Stockmar watercolors, especially with the Waldorf paint holder. Fantastic quality.

Thank you! What a wonderful give-away! I need to add a thank you too for the materials list you gave yesterday. We would love the moon and stars.

What a lovely giveaway! The moon and stars holder is beautiful, and I would love to try the stockmar modeling clay.

Gorgeous!!!!! What beautiful materials.

oh goodness, yes, thank you Sara!

we have just started playing with crayons here, and i think this would be a wonderful addition to our supplies!

i definitely would like the moon and stars design please!

I too love the Moon & Stars pouch!

Love the Bella Luna art supplies, my favorite is the Artemis Modeling Beeswax :)

i think the one art supply i would really want for us would be a set of watercolor paints.

we haven't stared painting yet, but it think my son would really enjoy the play of the liquid colors.

The crayon rocks are beautiful! Thanks!

GOSH, I've become obsessed with higher quality kid's art supplies now that my son can handle them (as long as I keep them out of the toddler's grasp) but these look so much sturdier. I have Bella Luna bookmarked for Christmas presents!

I would love to have the beautiful moons and stars crayon pouch to be able to give to my very beautiful son.

I love the watercolors! I am so tired of buying what I can find locally that even if I don't win anything, I'll be buying these for my granddaughter who loves to paint with watercolors. Thanks for the great give-away!

So hard to narrow it down to one art supply! However, the liquid water colors are something I would like to try.

Many many thanks for the chance to win. The moon case would be my choice for this hoise of boys:)

WOW what an amazing giveaway! My daughter would be set for a long time with those high quality art supplies! That moon and stars pouch is so needed in our home.. we have random things all over which could be neatly corralled in a beautiful pouch!


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