Wanted: Christmas Cookie Recipes!

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things about the Holidays was baking with my mother. She loved... nah, loves... to bake, and the Christmas cookie platter in our house was always overflowing with the most delectable variety of cookies imaginable. Some of the recipes were hand-me-downs from the family. Some were new recipes amassed from newspapers, magazines, and friends. But the majority of the recipes came directly out of the Betty Crocker Cooky Book. I can remember sitting around on long winter nights, looking at the tantalizing pictures, suggesting new recipes to try. My Mom was always game. Although we used the cooky book throughout the year, I always associated it with Christmas. You can imagine my delight when I received my very own copy from Michelle a few Christmases back. The book had been reissued as a nostalgic offering, and it certainly brought a smile to my face. I still regularly scrutinize each page! 

Christmas cookies seem to be a universal part of celebrating the Holidays. Whether we bake 12 varieties of cookies, or just one, we all seem to have our favorites. I always find it interesting to to find out what cookies other people believe to be Holiday mainstays.

Having said all this... there is a reason for my ramblings... we have a request for our readers. Like most families, December is a very busy time for us. Last year Wee Folk Art took an hiatus for the better part of the month. This year we plan to continue blogging for most of the month, but we could really use your help. We are asking YOU, to help us provide our readers with meaningful content, by sharing one of your family's favorite cookie recipes.

If you would like to help us out, send us your recipe with a little "cooky" background. Is it an old family recipe? Is it a new favorite you got from a friend? Do you have a special tradition for making cookies? Email us your recipe and little anecdotes at weefolkart@yahoo.com. It would be totally awesome if you had a picture of the cookies to attach, but that is not necessary. If you have a website, make sure you include that information, too.

Then, over the next few weeks, we will share your stories and cookies with all of our readers, right here on Wee Folk Art. We will make sure to include your website so our readers can stop by and say Happy Holidays.

I know everyone is busy right now, but if you could take a few minutes to help us out, everyone will enjoy not only a crafty holiday season, but a yummy one as well!   


I still have my mom's Cookie

I still have my mom's Cookie Book....minus the cover(s) and much more "loved"! Just discovered your blog--how cute! Will be perusing it more! I would send it a recipe, but my favorite is Russian Teacakes, which comes directly from that cookbook. When I was a kid, I thought my grandmother (the grand pooh-bah of cooks in my family) called them "Brush Your Teeth Cakes"!!

Count Me In!

I love my BC Cooky Book, too! It's definitely one of the most handsome books on my kitchen shelf and one of the most used. That said, I think cookie recipe-sharing posts are a great idea and I'll be sure to participate!

Happy Holidays!

remember yours too :)

I will share one tomorrow but...I want to remind you to re-post your shortbread recipe and the recipe for spiced tea? (I'm not sure that is what you called it.

I make that shortbread year 'round and everyone loves it. I am tempted to make it as gifts this year instead of cookies. :)

So, for anyone who hasn't seen her recipe, ask her for it, it is delicious! ;)


Both Michelle and my DIL

Both Michelle and my DIL Meghan make the shortbread. And I couldn't agree more... it is soooo yummy. We'll get the recipe for that reposted along with Friendship Tea. I'm so glad your family has been enjoying both :)

Wee Folk Art Publisher

My mom, aunt, and grandma

My mom, aunt, and grandma used the same book when I was a little girl. It brings back great memories when I use my inherited copy. It still has the smudges of flour and egg from Grandma!

LOL... my mom's has vanilla

LOL... my mom's has vanilla on the front cover and the page with the Spritz cookies is covered with red and green food coloring! My copy still looks pretty pristine. I'll have to make sure to spill on it a bit :)

Wee Folk Art Publisher

I have the Cooky Book!

This is the cookie cookbook I grew up with, and I found a copy for myself as a grownup. I'm glad we weren't the only ones who drooled over the pages and were entranced by the dated photos. =) Mmm..

My mom still does all of the

My mom still does all of the Christmas baking. I think it's time I started pulling together some of the recipes. I'll talk to her and make sure to get you a recipe or two!

What a beautiful website you

What a beautiful website you have here, and thank you for your kind words over at my little site. I will be emailing a cookie recipe your way in the next day or so!

Thanks, Rachel and welcome :)

Thanks, Rachel and welcome :) Looking forward to your cookie recipe. Think this is going to be fun!

Wee Folk Art Publisher