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Just a reminder… if you are not a fan of Wee Folk Art on Facebook, ya should be! This is the place where Michelle and I get to share some of our favorite crafting from all around the web world. Which brings up the point… have you or the wee ones just made a super projectRead More →

  This article was first published at One Generation to Another February 5, 2008. Read through it and on the other side are directions for turning used potpourri tarts and candle stubs into beautiful, new candles. Close your eyes‚Ķthink of the smell of your elementary school cafeteria‚Ķthe ocean‚Ķa baby‚Äôs neck.Read More →

The gnome’s lives are rich with stories and folklore, and there has never been a story teller in The Thicket that could weave a tale as well as Axel. As a master storyteller, over the years the job has fallen on him to share the history of The Thicket, but it is sometimes hardRead More →

Thanks to Tim’s indulgence of my whims, he has created a new Gallery for our ever expanding collection of FREE Patterns. Because a textual list of the patterns seemed daunting, we now offer a visual collection of our projects. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I scroll downRead More →

I first shared this post on my original blog,¬†One Generation to Another back on October 30, 2007. Sometimes after I’ve wiped¬†down the “stickies” in the kitchen after the grandbabies have been helping me, I like to reread this post. I always smile. I hope it speaks to you, too. OneRead More →

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIXIE! Today is Pixie’s birthday and I just finished her Rainbow Doll… with 3 hours to spare! Actually, I didn’t get a chance to make the bag to hold her beanbags, but I’ll get it finished up for her tomorrow. Here is a sneak peek at all theRead More →

I remember as a little girl going through my mom’s and grandma’s drawers. I can’t remember if I was given permission to do this or if it was a covert operation done on the sly. What I can remember was how fascinated I was with the contents of their drawers.Read More →

As I mentioned in previous posts, Pixie’s birthday is coming up… actually, this Friday. I wanted her gifts to have a rainbow theme. First, I made her a Rainbow Coiled Rag Bowl which I love. Next, I wanted to make her some beanbags. And NOT just any beanbags. I wantedRead More →

{this moment} – A Friday ritual began by Amanda at Soule Mama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment you want to pause, savor and remember. Have a lovely weekend everyone ~ Michelle and KimaraRead More →

I got a new camera! Very exciting! My older camera (and will still be used camera) was fine but I found myself fighting with it. (I do love that my older camera takes videos… very important with a couple little dancers in our family). But now my mom and I bothRead More →

Do you have a little would be knight in your life? Then chances are, you’ll find something to embellish with this applique! Last week I got an email from one of our readers asking if I had every designed a pattern for a Fleur de Lis. Nope, I hadn’t. ButRead More →

This is a project that started this summer when I wanted to make my SIL a cute knit hat for their due-soon baby. I made hers, which turned out adorable, and of course Pixie wanted one. So I sized up the pattern and made a matching one for her in theRead More →

There was such a wonderful response to this give-away, we decided, what the heck, we’ll give away 2 sets of Lavender Scented Rainbow Bean Bags. The winners were drawn at random and they are: Chiska on Mon, 08/30/2010 – 16:02. I love the new look too! Thanks for always having suchRead More →