July 2012

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Sometimes Bug comes looking for something “manly”. When he asked if I could draw him a lizard, I was glad to oblige. After I drew it for him, (he was thrilled with it, btw 🙂 it screamed “applique block”! So here, in some fun summer colors, and definitely “boy worthy”Read More →

Monday night we called the wee ones at 8:30 as they were getting ready for bed. Michelle answered the phone. Me: Do the kids want to spend the night and go for a late swim. Michelle: Let me ask. “Do you guys want to go swimming at Gammy’s and spendRead More →

When people ask me what is the one piece of crafting equipment I couldn’t do without, I tell them their are 2 things. The first is a very sharp… razor sharp… pair of scissors. That’s pretty straight forward. The second item is a little more unconventional 🙂 Everyone can understandRead More →

As we start looking towards Autumn (I know… how can we do that when it is so summery outside?) we wanted to share a few of our plans with you. (Subject to change, of course, for no good reason 🙂 First let me say we received so many kind and loving emailsRead More →

I must admit I’ve been a slacker the past few weeks enjoying some guilt free R and R. Although I’m not done slacking completely, I do need to get a few projects done and start making plans for the fall. The first order of business… make a baby quilt forRead More →

First off… must say… NOT my grandma’s recipe… but evidently SOMEBODY’s grandma’s recipe 🙂 Strawberry Rhubarb Pie has long been a family favorite. For decades I’ve made it using a standard pie crust. Last week on some internet expedition, I came across this recipe from Food Network…     GRANDMA’S STRAWBERRY-RHUBARB PIERead More →

When it comes to children, we live in an area of boundless opportunities. Our town is in a suburban/rural area about equidistance from Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor and Lansing (each city providing opportunities), yet we are surrounded by farms, state parks and large universities. Not to mention that fact that Michigan touchesRead More →

We have received so many lovely emails asking us if and when we plan to reopen the Wee Folk Art Market Place. We are not sure of our long range plans, but for all of you that didn’t get a chance to order from us, and were hoping to use our kits and materialsRead More →

Because of everything that has been going on this summer, I feel like I’m a little behind… Wee Folk Art speaking. There were a few things that we have done that I didn’t have time to share at the time but still want to. So… first up… STRAWBERRIES! Although JuneRead More →

So, we’ve been talking quite a bit about letterboxing lately. If you’ve had a chance to get out and give it a try then you may have run across some fun… even amazing… homemade stamps. You can use any stamp as a signature stamp… but of course it would beRead More →