Gnome Patterns & Stories (Page 7)

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Welcome to the Wee Folk Art World of Gnomes and Fairies. Wee Folk Art offers the largest collection of free gnome patterns and fairy patterns on the web. It can be called Peg Gnome Pattern Central and is home to the basic Waldorf Gnome Pattern.

Our love of all things gnome began many years ago with our simple Waldorf Peg Gnome Pattern. Once these little peg gnomes entered our homes, our fantasy fun began. Our gnome collection quickly multiplied. Soon the Waldorf Peg Gnomes were inviting their Flower Fairy friends over and even peg leprechauns showed up and began causing mischief.

Types of Gnome Patterns

We now have a vast collection of different gnome patterns and tutorials. You can make peg gnomes, wool roving gnomes, paper clay gnomes, or even carved wooden gnomes following our tutorials.

Our woodland gnomes needed a place to call home in their thicket. We built them a lovely woodland tree house and have had fun furnishing it with doll size furniture made from natural materials. More recently our newest additions to our gnome world have included the Seaside Gnomes and their Mermaid friends.

Gnome Lore & Stories

The fantasy world of gnomes and fairies is developed further with our campfire stories. Don’t miss out on the gnome adventures in the Thicket Tales or Seaside Escapades stories.

It’s lights out and time for all gnomes to dream their “gnomey” dreams! What could be more comfy than to snuggle into an autumn sleeping bag? Make 1 or 20, depending on how many gnomes reside in your house following our Peg Gnome Sleeping Bag Pattern. Directions are as easyRead More →

After the grandbabies went home today, I realized several of the gnomes were missing. Not an unusual event around here…they go on many adventures. But today, I was at a loss. They weren’t in any of their normal haunts. I was perplexed but forgot about it until the setting sunRead More →

Help your peg gnomes gets ready for Halloween with our Gnome Mummy Pattern. Even gnomes love to dress up for Halloween. This year Radolf wanted to be a spooky mummy! Enjoy our Thicket Tale where Axel tells scary stories by the fire, and then make your own Halloween gnome mummyRead More →

  On the edge of our yard, where the lawn meets the woods, lies The Thicket. The Thicket is filled with pines and witch hazel, raspberries and forsythias, lindens and maples, and makes a delightful home for countless woodland creatures. In The Thicket, many Wee Folk, including fairies and gnomes, pixies andRead More →