October 2008

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Everyone has a secret wish list. You know, the things that you can’t justifying splurging on when there are groceries to be bought and electric bills to be paid, but they still tug gently on your heart. Personally, I don’t yearn for designer shoes or jewelry, splashy cars or fashionable evenings out. It mightRead More →

Over the past week we’ve gotten many new members at Wee Folk Art. First off, welcome! We hope everyone feels at home, finds something of interest and comes back often. We also hope you feel comfortable commenting and participating. For all you new folks, and for our “old timers”…okay, thisRead More →

The kids and I have spent some time playing with these really cute paper dolls from The Toymaker. It is a lovely site with lots of free Paper Toy Patterns… worth checking out. The Tiny Littles Paper Dolls have some very cute Halloween Costumes. My kids’ favorites were the fairyRead More →

I am ALWAYS trying to come up with new ideas of organization that work for me. Not an easy task…I’m not known for my strong organizational abilities! Still, I’m always on the look out for the perfect system…ever the optimist! I am always coming up with ideas when I’m out and about. I have to recordRead More →

I want to introduce the self guided project Bug has started recently. This has been an interesting adventure for me as well. I love the idea of a project approach to learning and can totally ‘picture it’ with older kiddos but an early reader? How on earth was that goingRead More →

This year is our family’s 18th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. Although there are lots of things to do at the last minute, I’ve developed a working list over the years that makes the actually planning a snap. Our family provides the hot dogs, desserts and hot and cold cider. EveryoneRead More →

Bean bags or coasters, this is a fun, quick and lovely project for gift giving or family use. It uses crocheting and felting. Once you get the hang of it, you can turn out several in an evening. Have fun and remember to save all your yarn scraps to makeRead More →

Making these beanbags is a snap! As a novice crocheter I can attest to their ease of construction. This is not a “how to” crochet site so if this is your first attempt at crocheting, check out any of the wonderful books and websites that can talk you through gettingRead More →

After the grandbabies went home today, I realized several of the gnomes were missing. Not an unusual event around here…they go on many adventures. But today, I was at a loss. They weren’t in any of their normal haunts. I was perplexed but forgot about it until the setting sunRead More →

We went on a wonderful field trip this morning. Our local bakery does a terrific tour for the kiddos. They read a story, Little Red Hen of course. Then they got to see how the bakery grinds their own flour, the huge mixing bowls used for kneading the dough, theRead More →

The gnome children have been busy all week getting ready for Halloween. Their normal garb is usually woodland colors so it is very exciting to be dressed in colorful and unusual costumes.  Malena wanted to be a witch. She thought painting her face green and running around cackling would be great fun.Read More →

Help your peg gnomes gets ready for Halloween with our Gnome Mummy Pattern. Even gnomes love to dress up for Halloween. This year Radolf wanted to be a spooky mummy! Enjoy our Thicket Tale where Axel tells scary stories by the fire, and then make your own Halloween gnome mummyRead More →

    Just wanted to give everyone a sneak-peek at November’s Crafting Club project. We took our inspiration from pioneer spoon dolls and created a Wizard Spoon Puppet. With the basic instructions you’ll be able to make a whole story book of characters! Just drop the spoon into an emptyRead More →

The gnome’s house is all ready for Halloween. They will be having a great party and the children will trick or treat with their woodland friends. Over the next few days I will be sharing directions for making the banner, pumpkins, ghosts and our mummy gnome. Stop by often!Read More →

I found a little time this weekend to finish up the bean bag project I’ve been working on. (Also got in some time to muck with the gnome house and came up with totally cute gnome trick or treaters but I’ll get to them later in the week!) Anyway, as I mentionedRead More →

This weekend the gnomes will be busy with their neighbors getting their homes ready for their Halloween celebration. Check back next week to check out some of their favorite decorations!Read More →

The Fun on the Farm theme for this week was Fur and Feathers (kids activity at our local petting farm). It was a perfect tie in for us and a beautiful day so we packed up and headed to the farm. There was a brief demonstration and explanation of theRead More →

My little Fairy Girl is four tomorrow! I just finished putting the finishing touches on her birthday crown so she can wear it as soon as she gets up in the morning. It is mostly pink… just like she wanted. The reverse side matches the dress Gammy is making her. SheRead More →

This banner was designed to fit a branch in our Gnome Home. You may wish to customize the banner to fit a preexisting branch in your Gnome Home or add an angled twig to hang the banner as is. As always, I use my applique patterns for different things. IRead More →