March 2012

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I have a few announcements to make. First, please welcome our new sponsors The Felt Pod and Armadillo Dreams. Stop by and check them out. We are planning something special with each of them in the upcoming weeks… stay tuned. Second, It is spring break time for us. Kimara and I will beRead More →

  With spring here and Easter right around the corner, Bella Luna Toys put together the perfect giveaway. Thank you so much, Sarah, for this lovely giveaway. My mom told me she wished she could have entered 🙂 And, thank you to everyone that entered. And now, drum roll please! The winner is… Submitted by The Dutch Girl on Wed, 03/21/2012 – 11:51Read More →

    EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered, and especially to Sarah Baldwin at Bella Luna Toys. The winner will be announced tomorrow, Monday, March 26 🙂 I know how to get our readers excited… just tell them we have a giveaway from Bella Luna Toys. YAY! And just in time for Easter. And wait to you see what Sarah isRead More →

Our weather has been so unseasonably warm and the wee ones have been able to run around outside barefoot like it was May. Perfect weather for silk wings 🙂 Thanks to everyone that entered this giveaway. And a special thanks to Sarah’s Silks for not only sponsoring this giveaway, but for their continued support of Wee Folk Art through sponsorship. You guys are awesomeRead More →

The daffodils in our yard are just poking their heads through the ground, but I was aching for some flowers, NOW, so I decided to make my own. You can make a garland or 2 or 3 for yourself, too. Hang your Spring Flower Garland up and you’ll feel like you stumbled upon an enchanted flower fairy garden. WithRead More →

      When it comes to children’s books, I find my favorite books tend to be the classics. As a preschool and elementary school teacher, I was exposed to the latest books, and although there were many wonderful new books, my top 10 still would have been the tried and true.   I find even today, asRead More →

    Edit: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered and a special thank you to Sarah of Sarah’s Silks for sponsoring this giveaway. One winner will be chosen at random from Wee Folk Art, and Sarah will select 1 winner from people that registered at her site. She will notify theRead More →

I’m not any good at keeping secrets… it would be safe to say I suck at it, although I should elaborate. I’m not good at keeping “good news” secrets. You know, pregnancies, marriages, promotions… I’m just so excited for people that I’ll burst if I can’t share the good news. On the other hand, if youRead More →

Continuing with our Out of the Block Series, we are sharing ways in which our Applique Blocks can be used in non-traditional ways. This month, we took our Kite Applique Block and turned it into a wooden kite with a peg suitable for hanging “stuff” 🙂 Of course, if you just want to use them for decoration, simply leave the pegRead More →

Edit: Please note we just added an answer an important question at the bottom of the post… I am interested, now what do I do? Rather important question to have omitted. Oops 🙂 You can find the answer in the text. Remember to contact with ANY questions you might have. Michelle and I receive many emails each day. Two of the mostRead More →

GOLD Vendors Here you will find a brief description of your store, including a list of the Wee Folk Art patterns that you use. SILVER Vendors Here you will find a brief description of your store, including a list of the Wee Folk Art patterns that you use. BRONZE VendorsRead More →

Yesterday we shared this month’s Out of the Block project… a wooden kite made using today’s Kite Applique Block. What is it about kites that excites us so? Is it the fact that a little paper, wood and string, can be transformed into a soaring vision? Or is it, that for justRead More →

I remember as a little girl getting nearly giddy when the spring winds began to blow. On the wind there were scents of thawing dirt, decaying vegetation and worms! But, there was also the smell of LIFE. All around there were signs of spring… trees budding, bulbs tentatively pushing upRead More →

We’ve been home a few days, and I am finally starting to catch up. Before I move on to some new projects, I wanted to share some highlights of our visit. Not surprisingly, most of my photos were of the Little Lady. Here’s some highlights. First… concerning the gifts I made: The pants were too big in the waist, so I had to pop open aRead More →

It is always so much fun to be able to announce the winner of our giveaways, especially one as beautiful as this from Art of Felting. As always, thanks to everyone that entered. Goes without saying, we wish we could send these beautiful eggs to everyone, but since we can’t, we drew a winner and randomRead More →