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WOW! A week has flown by since Wee Folk Art Market Place opened. And, unless there is something we are forgetting, it went off without a hitch. The shop was open on Monday. We packaged orders on Tuesday, and they were shipped on Thursday. We even managed to place a few orders for the things we ran out of… much sooner than we thought…Read More →

I actually designed and made my Bitty Birdie Applique Block a couple of years ago. It was for a project I never completed. (Oh, I have so many of those 🙂 Anyway, when I shared the applique block yesterday, I thought, the wee ones would love to paint this. So, I added another tree and tah dah… we now have aRead More →

First off we want to thank everyone for their suggestions for additional kits for Wee Folk Art Market Place. We have lots of ideas, and as time permits, we will try to put together many of the suggestions. We truly understand so many people’s interest in rough cut wood trees. If you don’t have the right kind of saw or if electric saws scareRead More →

Spring has sprung! The trees are flowering, and the baby birds are bouncing around the yard looking for yummies! Just imagine the fun you can have with this little “FunScape” applique. Designed to fit a 6″ x 6″ block, it can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs. Michelle REALLY enlarged this block and painted a mural in Pixie and Fairy’s room. The pattern for the Bitty Birdie AppliqueRead More →

The spring issue of Bamboo Magazine is now available online, and we are proud to say Wee Folk Art has an article in their regular feature “root and stem”. We shared a tutorial on how to make a very simple Rainbow Stacker. The article is quite timely since so many of you have expressed a desire to work withRead More →

YESTERDAY’S OPENING WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!!   Just wanted to take a very quick moment to thank everyone that shopped with us yesterday. We were blown away by your response. And although we exceeded our order max, things went so smoothly, we were able to keep the shop open all day, restocking the shop when needed, and we onlyRead More →

  Wee Folk Art Market Place is open from 7:00 a.m. Mondays to 7:00 a.m. EST Tuesdays. For the first few weeks, while we get all the bugs out of the system, the shop may close early if we reach the maximum number of orders we will accept.   EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone thatRead More →

First off, we’d like to thank Dustin and Amanda from Armadillo Dreams for this fun giveaway! Their toys reflect the love and devotion they have to their craft, and speaking from experience, their toys are a joy to own. Visit their shop often because they are always adding new lovelies. And, we’d like to thank everyone thatRead More →

Please, take the time to read through our Nitty Gritty about the shop. For all shop related questions please contact us at shop@weefolkart.com. After all the Market Place info, read about our GIVEAWAY 🙂 It is hard to believe, but after years of thinking about it, months of planning for it, and weeks of preparing for it, our little shop, or the Wee Folk Art Market Place,Read More →

Preschoolers will love sorting and matching colors with our Wooden Sorting Bowls and Wooden Acorns Craft. These pretty little acorns will help young children in color recognition, counting and sorting abilities. It also encourages agility and dexterity in wee hands. And, because they are beautiful, they add to the warmth and charm to any room! WoodenRead More →

EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered 🙂 With all our shop talk recently, it is nice to take a break and “formally” (as formally as anything CAN get around here 🙂 introduce everyone to Amanda and Dustin of Armadillo Dreams. To help you get to know them and their shop a little better, please sit back and enjoy this interview IRead More →

There is a pure joy in running free and dancing, especially with a rainbow of ribbons streaming behind you! Make one or two for all the wee hands in your life. Whether children are dancing to their favorite songs or simply to the music of nature, Fairy Ribbon Rings will make the experience magical!   To make your own you will need: Materials: (1) 3″ wooden ring  (6) ribbons 1/4″ wide x 48″ long   fine grade sandpaperRead More →

  With the opening of the shop just 1 week away it’s hard to think of anything else! We still have some project packets to share, but we also wanted to highlight some of our non kit items. Today, I’ll share some of our “fiberish” offerings. WOOL FELT ROLLS Over the next week, as we share more kits with you, you’ll notice that all of them use the same colorRead More →

    These colorful eggs and cups are wonderful and safe for the smallest hands. Wee ones will enjoy placing the eggs in the cups encouraging agility, dexterity and small muscle development. As babies turn into toddlers they will begin matching the colors. The eggs and cups can then be used for color recognition, counting and sorting. A wonderful early toy and beautiful addition to anyRead More →

Memory games of all types have long been a favorite of children. This version has children matching acorns of the same color. Besides enhancing memory skills, color recognition, counting and sorting abilities, it also encourages agility and dexterity in wee hands. And, because they are beautiful, they add to the warmth and charm to any room! To make your own you will need:Read More →

The Camden Rose Knitting Tower is available from Amazon. When I was a little girl, my father made a “knitting spool” for me using a wooden spool from thread (they were all made out of wood back in the old’n days 🙂 and small finishing nails. I remember waiting for the first piece of tubing to make it’s way out of spool. It was likeRead More →

Who can turn flowers into fairies, a dog into a dragon, and a pesky sibling into a troll? Children, of course! With just a flick of their wrist and the help of a magic wand, ANYTHING is possible and probable 🙂 And, if the wand is a beautiful flower, allRead More →

While we were off on “Spring Break”, we were busy getting everything “near” ready for our shop’s opening. Over the next two weeks we will be giving you sneak peeks of the products we will be selling and sharing our hopes and dreams for the shop and our blog. To begin with, we will be selling kits for some ofRead More →

  I don’t often do this… simply share photos for the sake of showing off my grandbabies. But, I had all 4 of them with me yesterday… so indulge my Gammy moment 😉 Yesterday was the annual Easter Egg Hunt at our church. It was a picture perfect day. The best part is that all 4 of my grandbabiesRead More →

Hi everyone. I just thought I would stop in and let you all know that the new Homeschool Companion Puddles and Ponds schedule and book list are organized and ready to use. I don’t have it ready as a printable pdf (I’m working on updating all of the unit pdfs)Read More →