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EDIT: It had been my plan to just include the last paragraph of this blog, first printed December 8, 2008 on One Generation to Another. Since this morning, I’ve gotten 3 requests for the complete blog… so here is the post in its entirety… titled… Polish for the Day. I haveRead More →

In another one of our Wordy Wednesdays, I’m sharing a story first published November 25, 2008 on One Generation to Another. No one said parenting would be easy, but it is often the most innocuous situations that prove to be the most challenging. In this story a lesson was learnedRead More →

Many blogs participate in what has come to be known as Wordless Wednesdays. This gives bloggers a chance to share photos and to rest their weary fingers. Far be it from us to follow the beaten track. We’re considering instituting Wordy Wednesdays. I originally shared this story with readers onRead More →

My last shopping trip to Plastic and Batteries R Us occurred about 25 years ago. I normally got my Christmas shopping done early. Many years I was done by Halloween, but that particular year I was behind schedule. Not because I was lacking spirit. Not even that I was lackingRead More →

When the grandbabies went home yesterday, I stumbled upon this grisly scene! Bodies strewn about, furniture over turned, trees uprooted by their very roots! What could have caused such massive destruction? Upon closer inspection, the perpetrator of this gruesome massacre was discovered… (key foreboding music…) A T-Rex had entered theRead More →

It’s summer. Ever since I was a child summer equalled excessive reading! My tastes in reading ran the gamut of literary genres, BUT the one commonality amongst all my summer books I read was my ability to chose them for myself. These were not books selected by my teachers, although I often readRead More →

  Here’s our little Fairy after her performance at her recital. The theme this year was Dance Hotel and Fairy’s class performed The Swimming Pool! There was lots of diving and swimming and nose plugging fun and talent, I can assure you! Here she is after the performance, looking asRead More →

There’s this “thing” out there. Before you have a child, you should have a dog for a couple of years. If you can take care of it and manage not to do anything irreversibly stupid, chances are you’re ready for a kid. Some logic here, I suppose! Well, I didn’tRead More →

  For the past couple of months, I have been on a hiatus from my other blog, One Generation To Another. I know I have a lot of readers here at Wee Folk Art that often visited One Gen. I just wanted to let those readers know that One GenRead More →

(This was originally printed in my old blog, One Generation to Another, on April 2, 2008) When my children were growing up I always kept a mending basket in my room. Sweaters that lost buttons, jackets that needed new zippers and pants that required hemming were layered in the basket.Read More →

When I was a little girl, I learned a nursery rhyme is school called "Lucy Locket". Lucy Locket, lost her pocket, What a silly thing to do. If you’re not careful, Lucy, Next you’ll lose your shoe! As a young child I found this so absurd. How in the worldRead More →

Technically, I’m not here…we’re still on holiday. I told myself I wasn’t going to blog for 2 weeks, so I’m not calling this a blog…let’s just say I’m answering a friend’s questions. She asked, “Where do you come up with your ideas and how in the world do you go aboutRead More →

Everyone has a secret wish list. You know, the things that you can’t justifying splurging on when there are groceries to be bought and electric bills to be paid, but they still tug gently on your heart. Personally, I don’t yearn for designer shoes or jewelry, splashy cars or fashionable evenings out. It mightRead More →

This year is our family’s 18th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. Although there are lots of things to do at the last minute, I’ve developed a working list over the years that makes the actually planning a snap. Our family provides the hot dogs, desserts and hot and cold cider. EveryoneRead More →

Note: Tutorial for the peasant skirt can be found HERE. It seems like lately everything I make for Pixie turns out too big and ends up in Fairy’s possesion. I think, in part, this is a fear of making something too small with no one else to hand it down to,Read More →

I love going on walk-abouts with children. EVERYTHING is so fascinating to them. Bugs and rocks, fungus and tracks captivate their imagination and provide fodder for an insurmountable barrage of questions. And I’ve yet to go on a nature walk with a child who has not found some priceless treasure.Read More →