Crochet Monster Patterns

Crochet Monster Patterns

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Last week I shared a post with a bushel of Knit Monster Patterns. Of course, turnabout is fair play and I couldn’t leave all our crocheters in the lurch, so here is an adorable collection of crocheted monster patterns. Some need to be purchased and several of them are FREE. I hope you find one that calls to you!

The Knit Monster patterns can be found HERE

Bug Eyed Monsters from Moji Moji Design on Etsy

Whether you want your monsters to have 1, 2 or 3 eyes, these cuties will certainly keep their eyes… or eye on you. The pattern can be purchased for $5.00 from the Moji Moji Design on Etsy.


Plutonian Paul Alien Monster Hat and Toy Set by Ira Rott On Ravelry

This duo could be twin alien monsters! Purchase the Ira Rott pattern on Ravelry for $8.50. 

Fuzz Monster the Second on befriendmantic’s Blog ‘O Crafts

Oh, Fuzz Monster, what big eye’s you’ve got! This is a FREE pattern from befriendmantic’s Blog ‘O Crafts. Ready for a snuggle?


Video the Unnamed Monster on Amigurumi To Go

The FREE pattern for this sleepy looking monster can be found on Amigurumi To Go. He even has a belly button!


Mini Monsters on CRAFTY is COOL

These mini monsters will crochet up in a hurry! You can get the FREE pattern for these mini monsters on CRAFTY is COOL.


Little Monster Pal by Julie Lapalme

I am loopy for this Little Monster designed by Julie Lapalme on Ravelry. You can purchase this pattern for $2.50.


NEON the GumBall Monster Hat and Toy Set by Ira Rott

Here is another adorable hat and monster toy set from Ira Rott. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry for $8.50.


Amigurumi Monster Floyd by Karla Fitch on Ravelry

This silly screaming monster pattern by Karla Fitch can be found on Ravelery. The purchase price is $4.00.


Rainbow Monster on Freshstitches

This squishable rainbow monster designed by Stacy on Freshstitches can be purchased for $5.00.crochetmonsters10wm

Mini Monsters patterns from DMC on PurpleLinda Crafts

I love these wee monsters. Each seems to have his/her own personality. This pattern can be purchased from Purplelinda Crafts for £2.50. If anyone finds a US distributor of this pattern, please share.


Hug Monster by Linda Salant on Ravelry

Who wouldn’t want to hug this totally huggable Hug Monster from Linda Salant on Ravelry? Plus, this is a FREE pattern. Yay!


BJ’s Whimsy Monster Pants by Chelsea Rich

What wee one wouldn’t want to run around with a whimsical monster on their bum 🙂 This pattern is available for purchase for $5.50 from Chelsea Rich on Ravelry and includes sizes newborn to 5T.





  1. OH MY!! I love monsters – thank you for finding all of those!!

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