About Us

Kimara Wise and Michelle Bonney are long time crafting bloggers who make up the creative mother/daughter team at www.WeeFolkArt.com where they share many crafts, patterns, and tutorials. Kimara has a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and home economics, from Michigan State University. She taught in an elementary school and was then the longtime owner/director of a preschool. Michelle earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts & Design degree from the University of Michigan, majoring in graphic arts and photography. Prior to starting a family she worked in the fields of graphic design and interior design. She has been homeschooling her own children for over ten years. Michelle has also taught art, knitting, and yearbook classes through local homeschool co-ops.

Over ten years ago, when Michelle’s children were just beginning their journey into home learning, Michelle wrote our first homeschool companion guide, Harvest Time. It began as a series of weekly blog entries, but as others wanted to join in the fun she shared the first edition of the schedule online. It has since been used by many families in both the free online blog format and newer MagCloud print format. We have expanded on that first unit with many more guides for additional ages. All of our homeschooling guides are based on a literature rich, hands-on approach to early education and have been tested by our own children. All of our guides are written in a simple manner that allows for flexibility for every family.