How do I place an order?

All of the Wee Folk Art Homeschool Companion guides are available through an outside vendor, MagCloud. Follow the product links on our page to MagCloud and complete your order there.

What is MagCloud?

MagCloud is an online publisher run through Blurb, an online, indie publishing group. They offer reasonably priced print-on-demand magazine style publishing that works well for our guides. They are a 3-party group that is not associated with Wee Folk Art, LLC. For more information about MagCloud please visit the MagCloud help page.

Where do I buy all the books?

We have created an Amazon bookstore on our site to help you find the books and supplies that you will need to complete your units. You can shop right here on our site and will then be transferred to Amazon at the time of payment. We are an Amazon affiliate and will receive a small portion of each sale from our site. This is at no cost to you.

To save on book costs, check your library or purchase some of the books used. Many are available used through our Amazon links. We also recommend Abebooks and BetterWorldBooks.

What formats are the guides available in?

All of the guides are available in print and digital formats through MagCloud. The print format is full color. When you purchase a print guide you will also received the digital format free. The digital format includes iPad, PDF, and Web Viewer formatting. You can print the guide at home from the PDF version. This is great for creating copies of the journal and planner pages.

What kind of binding is used on your print version?

We have chosen a staple binding for our guides rather than a glued binding. This allows the user to open the booklet completely and lay it flat on a copier bed. Some of our users have chosen to take the guides to a local printer and have them spiral bound together or 3 hole punched to use in a binder. We cannot offer these bindings directly.

How long does it take to receive my guide?

The digital version will be available immediately. The print versions are printed on demand. You should received them within two weeks. Contact MagCloud directly if you have not. We have no access to your accounts, orders, or shipping information.

How do I received my digital files?

When you place an order you will need to create a MagCloud account. All of your digital copies will be saved and available in your Digital Library. To find your Digital Library login to your MagCloud account. Locate your user name next to the MagCloud logo (upper left). Click on your user name and a drop down menu will appear with your Digital Library as an option. Any other questions should be directed to MagCloud as we have no access to your accounts.

Are the free versions of your guides still available?

Yes. Anything that was originally published at WeeFolkArt.com is still there. We have not removed any files. You can use them as is, but we do not update or edit them.

Do these guides meet common core or state standards?

These units have been created based on the project style learning that we have done in our own home for our elementary school aged children. We believe in a literature rich, hands-on approach for our young students. We have not designed these programs with any specific standards in mind, but you should be able to cover most of your social studies and science requirements using the Homeschool Companion guides in the Simple Seasons and Cultural Connections units. State Studies does not include science. To complete your curriculum, you will also need to add in a phonics & spelling, reading, grammar, and math program. You may also need to add a state history or a health component as some states require these topics to be covered at least once during elementary school.

Be sure to research your own state laws and requirements. If you are unsure of the laws in your state, the HSLDA.org website can give you an overview. We can not offer any legal advice on homeschooling nor can we guarantee in any way that these materials will meet all your state standards for education. It is up to you to be sure that your family is working within your state’s guidelines.

What are your terms of use and copyright rules?

All materials are copyrighted to Wee Folk Art, LLC and cannot be sold or distributed without our written consent. That includes any schedules, text, graphics, photos, or included resources (like journal pages or calendars). You are free to use these materials with your own family, in a co-op setting, or any other non-profit situation as long as the copyright and website information is kept in tack on the bottom of all pages. You may NOT post the materials on your own website, blog or any other INTERNET space!!! If you would like to share Wee Folk Art and our Homeschool Companion tools with your friends please link back to our site.

Do you have an additional question?

Leave a comment below with any additional questions and we will be happy to help.


  1. Is this a secular or religious curriculum?

    1. Author

      Hi Megan,
      In general it is a secular program but let me elaborate.

      In Simple Seasons, we do include some celebrations, like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, which at the core are Christian celebrations. However, the activities themselves are secular. In our “digging deeper” section, there is a book on St. Valentine and St. Patrick so children might understand the history behind the celebration, however, those books can be switched out with other selections if you wish.

      In Simple Seasons, we do have a 4 week supplemental Advent curriculum. These, of course, does contain religious curriculum.

      Finally, our new Cultural Connections curriculum is also secular, however, religious celebrations may be mentioned if it is important to the culture.

      In general, many people like our program because it is considered secular. We encourage parents to go through particular units and add or remove books choices based on your family’s belief system. Also, if you do use our programs, we highly recommend you join Wee Folk Art’s curriculum Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1042634892415362/ It is user ran and there are many discussions on how people use the program. Also, Wee Folk Art’s Homeschool Page includes suggestions for alternate books plus a blog dedicated to our curriculum. https://weefolkart.com/homeschool/

      Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Also, if you would like to talk to other parents that are using the program before you make a decision, join the Facebook group. It is a lovely group of parents that are very supportive and helpful.


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