Works in Progress

We often get asked about future Homeschool Companion units. We have a very long list of projects that we are currently working on or plan to develop in the near future. This list is a rough outline of our project planning. If you have any requests or ideas, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from our readers and may adjust our plans to help match your needs. Please understand that available dates and projects under development may change based on our schedules, interests, and other commitments.


In Development

Cultural Connections Unit 3 :: China, Canada, Italy

This will be the third unit in the Cultural Connections series. We will make Chinese paper lanterns, taste Canadian poutine, and learn to play the Italian game of Mulinello Quadrupio.

Available: end of January 2018


Future Projects

These are projects that we are planning on completing in the near future. We do not have availability dates at this time. We have included our projected timeline for when we plan to work on the units. The order may change or we may choose to place a unit on hold at some point. We will include more information on each unit once we begin development.

Cultural Connections Unit 4 :: Countries TBA

This will be the fourth unit in the Cultural Connections series. We have not chosen the countries yet.

Development: winter 2018


Simple Seasons :: Sea and Sand

Create a new Simple Seasons Unit “Sea and Sand” as an alternative summer unit in place of “Puddles and Ponds.” We will spend several weeks studying ocean life and several weeks studying a desert habitat.

Development: spring 2018


Update and Complete State Studies

Update “States Studies” for print format. We will be adding a home state study element with an intro to U.S. government. We will also be creating a third term that will focus on Native Americans. The plan is to turn State Studies into three 12-week long units that will cover an entire school year.

Development: summer 2018


Christmas Around the World

We would like to create a Cultural Connections Advent unit featuring Christmas customs, recipes, and stories from around the world.

Development: sometime in the future


Nature Alphabet Coloring Pages & Poetry Book

We plan to turn all of our nature alphabet coloring pages and poetry into a book so that they will all be available in one place.

Development: sometime in the future


Website Work

Homeschooling Posts

We will continue to move all homeschool related posts from Wee Folk Art over to the Homeschool Companion site. We will also be moving all coloring pages here.


Alternative Book Links

We will be adding additional and alternative books links to all unit pages.


Book & Supply Pages

We will finish creating and updating Book & Supply pages for each unit, including craft supply links.



  1. This is so exciting! I love what you have in store and feel lucky that I found your site at the perfect time in the beginning of our homeschooling journey. For the last cultural connections unit I’d love to see a middle-eastern country & a south east Asia country, if you’re looking for input, but I already know I’ll love whatever you choose to put together. We’ll look forward to Christmas around the world too! I’m very excited about the new Sands & Seas unit too! We love living near the ocean 🌊. Thanks for offering fun, affordable, & beautiful resources to educate our children.

    1. Thanks for sharing your suggestions. We feel so blessed because we love what we do and we’ve meet so many wonderful people with whom we get to share our adventures! I’m sure we will get to know you and your family quite well over the years! Welcome and let us know if there is anything we can do to help enhance your family’s homeschooling journey! ~Kimara~

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