Puddles & Ponds

Puddles and Ponds Second Edition

Simple Seasons Homeschool Companion Guides: Puddles & Ponds Second Edition

Puddle & Ponds is an optional ten week long summer unit. It has been designed to be started in mid-June.

This summer enjoy the outdoors with Puddles & Ponds. You can use this laid-back guide to continue your learning into the summer. Learn about clouds, rainbows, and the water cycle. Spend time exploring the wetlands, making bubbles, and creating sidewalk art.

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Puddles & Ponds Blog Samples on Wee Folk Art

Puddles & Ponds Featured Project: Painted Rock Turtle

Puddles & Ponds Reviews

Thank you for this! We love your other units and have just embarked on Ponds. This is perfect since my older children are studying ponds at our local nature conservation area at the same time! My youngest is thrilled to have his own  Schoolwork  complete with science experiments! Much appreciated. ~ Eddie

Thank you so much for this wonderful, thoughtful plan! I just started Puddles and Ponds with my son today. He is only three but loves to read so we are sticking to the simpler end of your schedule. He got hold of one of the books ahead of time and since then has been playing  thunder and lightening  and telling us that lightening is dangerous and that we would be safe inside a car! We’ve also read Kapiti Plain a half-dozen times today! We look forward to starting with Harvest Time in the fall, again keeping things simple. ~ Haidee

Puddles & Ponds Primary Story Book List

After you purchase your Puddles & Ponds guide from MagCloud, visit our Amazon bookstore to find all the books and craft materials that you will need for Harvest Time.

  • Mama, Is it Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure
  • Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema
  • It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Shaw
  • Rabbits and Raindrops by Jim Arnosky
  • Thundercake by Patricia Polacco
  • A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman
  • It’s Mine by Leo Lionni
  • A Frog Thing by Eric Drachman
  • Eliza and the Dragonfly by Susie Rinehart
  • Box Turtle at Long Pond by William George


Print & Digital Version: $10 |  Digital Only $5  |  ORDER NOW!


  1. What a perfect fun, light, and educational summer unit! We had a blast wading in ponds with our pond viewers and flipping over lily pads! My kids made art projects that they display proudly on their shelves and in their windows and even bring down to play with often (rock turtles!). And, we were introduced to so many lovely children’s books that will forever be on our shelves to be read over and over! It is such a beautifully simple, but thouroughly organized and planned unit! Thank you for bringing so much joy to our summer 💛

    1. Author

      And thank you for sharing your experiences. BTW… I have a rock turtle watching me right now as I type! 🙂 ~Kimara~

  2. I started with the free version of Puddles and Ponds and it was AMAZING! So laid back and the perfect way to keep up our schedule for my now K and set a schedule for my now preschooler. I loved it so much I have purchased several of the curriculums to have.

    I was unable to get a copy of the science books suggested, but I found “Cool Science Experiments” by Hinkler publishing and it fit right in. I was able to read what the suggested activity was and find an experiment that fit right in with our topic.

    I LOVE Wee Folk Art and Simple Seasons. Thank you for this AMAZING resource.

    1. Author

      One of the wonderful things with Simple Season, and homeschooling in general, is the flexibility it provides. Modifying the program to add resources that are available to you makes sense! What’s most important is that children develop a love for learning. When they develop that at an early age their chances of success as the continue their education is greatly enhanced. ~Kimara~

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