Cultural Connections 3 :: China, Canada, Italy

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Cultural Connections is a series of 12 week long, literature based, hands-on curriculum guides that have been designed to be used with 6-8 year old children. These guides have been created to help introduce young students to the cultures and people from around the world. We will focus on the elements of life that we all have in common such as family, food, festivals, crafts, music, and games.

Unit Three will include activities for China, Canada, and Italy. Make paper lanterns, learn to play Crokinole, and enjoy homemade biscotti.

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China, Canada, Italy

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China, Canada, Italy Books & Supplies

Cultural Connections Unit 3 :: China, Canada, Italy

Primary Stories

If you cannot see the book links, turn off your ad blockers. The images are hosted by Amazon.

Please note: This unit is still under development. Books choices may change before the unit is published.

I Know Here
List Price:$14.95
You Save:$1.53

Great Race
List Price:$7.99
You Save:$0.03
Ava and the Little Folk
List Price:$13.95
You Save:$4.23


Geography Resources

Craft Supplies


Additional Books

Below is a list of alternative and additional books that go along with this unit. Use these books if you cannot find one of the scheduled stories or as an add-on to extend the unit. Some of these books were used in a previous edition of the unit and may be out of print. Others were books that we just didn’t have room to include in the schedule. Many of the books are titles that have been recommended to us by our readers. Note: we have not read all of the books listed below so please preview any book listed here before reading it with your child. If you have a book that you would like to recommend to our readers, please post the title and author in the comments and we will add it to the list. Thanks!


The Story about Ping

The Five Chinese Brothers

Tikki Tikki Tembo

The Moon Lady

Cat and Rat

The Race for the Chinese Zodiac

The Great Wall of China



Hockey Morning, Noon, and Night

Our Flag: The Story of Canada’s Maple Leaf



Ottavia E I Gatti Di Roma

Pinocchio (Little Golden Book)

The Romans: Gods, Emperors, and Dormice

City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction

This Is Venice

This is Rome

Madeline and the Cats of Rome

Guido’s Gondola

Italy ABCs: A Book About the People and Places of Italy

Living in . . . Italy

C is for Ciao: An Italy Alphabet


Print & Digital Version: $17 | Digital Only $8 |BUY NOW!

Please note: All of the book lists and craft/activity directions are available here on the website. The weekly schedule, coloring pages, maps, and complete supply list are only available when you purchase the unit.