State Studies Overview

State Studies :: Elementary School (8-10 years old)
Our State Studies Unit 1 is a nine week homeschool curriculum covering 25 states, starting in New England and working across the Midwest. We will be covering the rest of the states in the second unit. Iu2019m creating this unit for my 3rd grader, with my 1st grader tagging along. Although my youngest is enjoying the unit, the memory work is a bit much for her age at this rate. I would say the target age would be 8-10 or when working with a younger student, spread out the unit so that the two units will cover a whole year.

Coming Spring 2014: State Studies, a new homeschool guide dedicated to learning about the 50 United States. Like our Seasonal units, this Free Homeschool Curriculum includes art projects, literature, journaling, recipes, picture studies, and more. We are sharing this free homeschool curriculum on a week by week basis. Keep checking in for more information.

Please understand that this is a unit in process. It is a curriculum that I am writing for my own family as we go. I may change things as I go and will share weeks as I am able. Some weeks I may not be able to add a new lesson. My goal is to have everything published by the end of the summer so that others can use it for next school year but I do not have an exact end date.

UNIT 1 Information is listed below.
CLICK HERE for UNIT 2 information including weekly schedule, book lists, project links, and map quizes.
Click here for the State Studies Unit 1 Weekly Schedule. It is a quick overview of the unit. For more information on how to use the unit and for the project directions, check out our weekly links listed below. You can also find the complete book list listed below in the Amazon Box.

Weeks 10-18 are available here.



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