Sock Bunnies Tutorial

The last project I needed to finish up, for the updated Spring Bs homeschool unit, were these super easy to make sock bunnies. I completed them two different ways for different age/skill levels.

The tall blue bunny was completed without any sewing, whereas the smaller polk-a-dot bunny does require a needle and thread. No matter which style you complete, they both turned out adorable for an easy to make spring craft.

Materials for Sock Bunnies

  • Clean Sock (mid-calf to knee high length)
  • Batting
  • Rubber Bands for no-sew bunny OR
  • Needle and matching thread for sewn bunny
  • Felt scraps, buttons, or beads for face
  • Craft glue for no sew bunny
  • Optional: Pom-pom for tail
  • Scissors


No-Sew Sock Bunny

I will walk you through the steps to a make a no-sew sock bunny first. Start with a clean sock (great way to re-use mismatched socks). For this bunny I used an adult sized knee sock.

Stuff the batting until just below the heel.

Use a rubber band (preferably in a matching color) to tie of the end of the sock.

Stuff the heel portion of the sock to make a head shape. Use another rubber band to tie off the head.

Decide how long you would like your bunny’s ears to be and clip off the rest. Clip the ears up the middle to near the rubber band.

Round off the ends of the ears.

Cut out face shapes from felt or choose buttons for facial features. Glue in place.

make a no-sew sock bunny

Add a bow or other decorative trim around the neck. You can also add a pom-pom for a tail. Have fun decorating your sock bunnies.


Sewn Sock Bunny

Again start with a clean sock and stuff it to just below. For this bunny I used a child (around size 12-1) knee sock.

Stuff to the heel but this time we will be sewing up the hole. Use thread in a matching color (I used pink so you could see it but cream would have been better.) Insert the needle just above the batting, leaving a long tail. Stitch a running stitch all the way around the opening. Pull the opening closed tightly. Tie off the ends of the thread. Use the needle to hide the ends of the thread inside the bunny.

Repeat the same process for the head. For a less floppy head, stitch the edge of the head down onto the body. I did this by just using a whip stitch around the base of the head. Tie off and hide the ends as before.

Cut the ears as before and add facial details. For this bunny I sewed on bead for the eyes and nose and used a back stitch to create the smiling mouth.

Add bows, a tail, and other decorations as you would like to dress up your sock bunnies.

easy to sew sock bunny tutorial


No matter which version you choose to make, these sock bunnies are so easy to make that you will be turning them out… well like baby rabbits. Have fun!

how to make sock bunnies

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