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Most of you probably don’t know this, but my blogging life did not begin on Wee Folk Art. Back in October of 2007, I began a blog called One Generation to Another after my children encouraged me to “write down” some of our family stories. Over the next couple of yearsRead More →

You know that quiet play that as a parent you hate to interrupt because your intrusion, even just for a moment, can break the spell of wonderful imaginative play? Of course this same quiet can also mean total chaos is going on, but the little imps are being sneaky enoughRead More →

As summer is drawing to a close, my thoughts turn inward… not philosophically, but rather to the inside of my house. I don’t do spring cleaning, I do fall cleaning, and much of the change inside my house occurs in September and October, before the holidays. As I was wandering throughRead More →

This was first posted on April 27, 2009, on my now retired blog One Generation to Another. I hope you enjoy 🙂 I love gardening. But who can blame me? Time began in a garden, at least biblically speaking. God did not plop Adam and Eve down in the desert.  NorRead More →

We grew up in little house in a large subdivision. These “subs” were popping up in the shadows of large cities all over America. They were the product of the post World War II Baby Boom. My siblings and I were born at the tail end of the boom, but our childhood, andRead More →

Nothing in this world is as magical as the eyes of a child. These eyes can turn a cardboard box into a castle, a handkerchief into a doll, and a stick into a sword. Unfortunately, as we get older, we often lose the awe, and we need Hollywood to makeRead More →

A Table in need of Fluffing! I am a functioning claustrophobic. Not only do I have trouble with tight places, I also have trouble with constrictive clothes, and God forbid if my ring gets stuck on my finger! But as I said, I am a FUNCTIONING claustrophobic, and I can usuallyRead More →

Several years ago Michelle encouraged me to start a blog. Actually, encouraged is a very nice way of saying she was hounding me to start writing. "Mom, I know you’ll love it. It will get you writing on a regular basis, and besides, I want you to write stories about us growing up soRead More →

  Tim and I have had one of those rare weekends that we stayed home… alone. Doesn’t happen often, and it is also the beginning of a week long vacation for Tim. YAY! Being behind after the trip to the kids, I finally got Halloween put away, and we decidedRead More →

Tonight is our 20th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. I can’t believe it has been 2 decades since our started this! It always makes me feel a little nostalgic… understandably. It also makes me obsessively check the weather forecast beginning a week before the party. And, like most years here in the Midwest, theRead More →

Yesterday there was a lovely comment made by Tara at Fiddle Mama. (Thank you, Tara đź™‚ She also mentioned that she just made the Quick Craft Basket. She was delighted that now she has all their crafting supplies in one spot, and when the creative juices start flowing in her wee ones, she isn’t riping the house apart looking forRead More →

History has a way of repeating itself. Having just returned from our trip to Wisconsin, (Miss you so much Little Lady!) and with our 20th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party fast approaching, I felt like I woke up this morning running. As I was trying to finish up a project I wanted to shareRead More →

  This article was first published at One Generation to Another February 5, 2008. Read through it and on the other side are directions for turning used potpourri tarts and candle stubs into beautiful, new candles. Close your eyes…think of the smell of your elementary school cafeteria…the ocean…a baby’s neck.Read More →

I first shared this post on my original blog, One Generation to Another back on October 30, 2007. Sometimes after I’ve wiped down the “stickies” in the kitchen after the grandbabies have been helping me, I like to reread this post. I always smile. I hope it speaks to you, too. OneRead More →

Last week was Drew and Meghan’s baby shower. Whole families were invited to attend and this was the post script on the invitations, “Gentlemen: You are welcome to bring a Daddy Survival Gift.”  Not surprisingly, Drew received assorted libations, several books like 50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children to Do and The DangerousRead More →

Below is a post I shared the first summer I started blogging on One Generation to Another. As it happens I just stumbled upon the steno pad I referred to in this post. It seems fitting that since it resurfaced, I should share this particular post. There were many things I left offRead More →

Tim and I have this nature dichotomy thing going. On one hand we love animals and encourage their residence in our yard. We pay more money monthly for our bird seed and peanuts than we do our cable, and if we had to give up one, the t.v. would go.Read More →

Today I spent an entirely exhausting but wonderfully fulfilling day in the gardens. Michelle’s family came over to “Help Gammy”. Seven year old Bug learned to prune a small crab apple tree. Five year old Fairy showed her might as she hauled bags of mulch. And three year old Pixie impressed usRead More →

First posted on One Generation to Another on May 13, 2008. I brought my mother buttercups one day when she was weary, She said I brought the sun inside, so shiny bright and cheery. And then my mother winked at me, and then I heard her mutter, I’m glad there’sRead More →

I don’t know exactly what made me think about this the other day, but when Tim and I were talking and it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen a “Just Married” sign on the back of a car or the ubiquitous Kleenex Carnations from ourRead More →

It’s been a while since I shared a story from One Generation to Another. This post was first shared May 6, 2008, but since spring has graced our neck of the woods early this year, and our gardens are waking up, I thought of this. I hope you enjoy it.  So,Read More →