June 2011

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EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. The winner can be found HERE. Several weeks ago, when I was wandering the aisles of Etsy, I stumbled upon a new shop that I feel in love with. It was Jupiter's Child. On Facebook, I shared a beautiful Waldorf Inspired Wooden tree. I thought it would lookRead More →

With the 4th of July just days away, here in the USA, many streets and buildings proudly display our flag and many flag based decorations. Today we are sharing our version of the flag… an applique with lots of "heart" for our nation 🙂 My plan was to turn this intoRead More →

The other day I shared our latest gnomes… the Old World Wooden Gnomes. In the past we’ve made Peg Gnomes, Knit Gnomes, Sewn Baby Gnome Dolls, and Michelle even designed Gnome Pillow Panels that you can buy from Spoonflower to sew and stuff. So, it only seems natural that we would eventually have gotten around to making wooden gnomes 🙂 NOTE: ForRead More →

Thanks to one everyone that entered this giveaway from Enchanted World of Needle Felting. Marie's work is so soft and peaceful, that it would be a joy to own anything she makes 🙂 So, of course, we would like to thank Marie for her talents and generosity. And now… the winner is… SubmittedRead More →

EDIT: This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered 🙂 Several weeks ago, the very dear Marie, from Soft Earth's World Blog, was a guest blogger on Wee Folk Art. She shared the tutorial on making the Blue Bird of Happiness. It was a wonderful project and MichelleRead More →

“When I was a kid”… boy, that sounds like something your dad would start out a conversation with when he was trying to make a point of “how easy you kids got it today”, right?  Let’s try this again… “back when I was a child” (sounds better, right?) all we needed was a piece of chalk,Read More →

I just completed my first project from More Knitting in the Sun: 32 Patterns to Knit for Kids… a summer weight shrug for Fairy-girl, my little ballerina. It turned out adorable… but a bit big (sarcasm here). Huge is more like it. I really should have paid more attention toRead More →

This was first posted on April 27, 2009, on my now retired blog One Generation to Another. I hope you enjoy 🙂 I love gardening. But who can blame me? Time began in a garden, at least biblically speaking. God did not plop Adam and Eve down in the desert.  NorRead More →

As always, I want to thank everyone for entering the Hopscotch Game Giveaway, and give a truly heartfelt thank you to Debbie, at A Child's Dream, for supporting our efforts here at Wee Folk Art and for her generosity to our readers. So, without further ado (don't you love the wordRead More →

Although it may not seem like it since we still post most weekdays, Michelle and I have been able to direct our attention away from the blog the past few weeks and we've tackled other projects with gusto. Obviously, there has been a decrease in the number of projects we have beenRead More →

Normally I don't knit much in the summer. It's hot and my energy is usually more focused outdoors. This year has been different. I don't know if this has been because this season has been mostly cold and rainy so far or due to the fact that my Raverly QueueRead More →

EDIT: The winner for this giveaway can be found HERE. Now, it's our turn to give Debbie, over at A Child's Dream, a big hug!  She will be donating toys over to summer to make our "In the Good Old Summertime" a summer to remember! This week she is givingRead More →

We grew up in little house in a large subdivision. These “subs” were popping up in the shadows of large cities all over America. They were the product of the post World War II Baby Boom. My siblings and I were born at the tail end of the boom, but our childhood, andRead More →

First off… as always, must send our thanks to Sarah at Bella Luna Toys. Her generosity never ceases to amaze me. Then, we'd like to thank everyone that entered. Remember, if you don't win today, we are having at least 1 giveaway a week throughout the summer. Hopefully, you'll getRead More →

EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Winners can be found HERE! Are you guys ready for our very first "In the Good Old Summertime" giveaway? Our friends at Bella Luna Toys and A Child's Dream, wanted to be a part of the summertime fun. So, throughout the summer, we have 14Read More →

In the summertime I could spend hours playing Jacks. And when I talk Jacks, I must talk Grandma Pearl. My Grandma Pearl taught me many things, including how to knit, BUT as a child, I was most impressed with her Jack playing expertise. This old lady was a Jack playing wizard! When she pulledRead More →

This wonderful fruit drink recipe is sure to please. Made with frozen grape, cranberry and lemon juice, this is the perfect summer thirst quencher! I can’t talk about summer without talking about Grandma Pearl. Growing up, I was blessed to have both of my grandmothers alive and well. But Bushia,Read More →

First and foremost, we would like to thank April, from Felt-o-rama for hosting this awesome giveaway. If you have never shopped at Felt-o-rama before, we hope this little tour of her shop will encourage you to try some of her wonderful products. Next, we would like to thank all our lovelyRead More →

Several weeks ago one of our readers asked if we take requests for applique blocks. Basically I think I told her, "Absolutely, if it's something I want to make 🙂 " In other words, ask me to design a computer keyboard… probably won't get to that. But ask me toRead More →

In this first installment of In The Good Old Summertime series I will be sharing a handful of rhymes. You will notice as we go along that I will be sharing many different rhymes. Unfortunately, today many children know few or no rhymes. It truly is a shame because learning rhymesRead More →

EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be announced tomorrow, June 6. Good luck to everyone, and thanks again April, form Felt-o-rama! EDIT: Just a note… April will cover oversea’s shipping! What a sweetheart. So everyone has a chance to enter! Several weeks ago we had a new sponsorRead More →