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A few weeks ago we shared a Showcase of Cat and Mouse Knit patterns. You can see them HERE. They were a big hit but we had lots of people looking for crocheted patterns. I got right on it, almost finished the post, went on vacation, then forgot about it!Read More →

Comments are now closed. Congratulations Susie Murthy! Please contact me within 3 days to claim your prize. Susie Murthy says August 30, 2015 at 3:41 pm  I want to purchase another subscription to the Magic Onions craft boxes. The crafts are so lovely and you can add what you make withRead More →

Working with the Greek Cross Pattern I don’t have any notes to share on this pattern. It was smooth going for me just following the same basic principles of mosaic knitting. As you can see in the pattern, especially in the yellow crosses, you don’t carry the off color for very long.Read More →

Endless Summer – Author Unknown Palm trees, Ocean breeze, Standing by the clear blue sea, Hot air, Sunkissed hair, Endless summer, Take me there. This coloring page is based on our Palm Tree Applique. The Palm Tree Coloring Page can be found HERE. The Palm Tree Applique Block can be foundRead More →

Today we are sharing the last of our August Appliques. It seems only fitting. Yesterday Michelle’s wee ones started back to school, this weekend the pool is coming down, and in general were are kissing another summer goodbye. It was a bittersweet summer. I lost my father but was soRead More →

Going on an end of summer week’s vacation before school starts. I’ve been busy bringing together gifts and toys for the wee ones joining us and some surprises for the not so wee. Plus, I have been stocking the cupboards and freezer with tasty treats for our house sitters. ThinkRead More →

Working with the Harlequin  Pattern This is a fun pattern to work up, especially with highly contrasting fabrics. It is using the same mosaic technique as the previous few blocks so there really isn’t anything new to learn here. In my notes I did highlight row 27 and jotted this inRead More →

As part of our updated Puddles and Ponds summer unit, we made these mini rain sticks using recycled materials. For this project we wanted to come up with a kid-friendly way of making a rain stick that did not involve hammering nails or poking sharp objects into the tube. WeRead More →

BUT NO FLAMINGOS by Kimara Wise We have many varieties of birds in our yard, Woodpeckers and swallows and blue-jays that guard. We have juncos and grackles and plenty of finch, And spotting a hawk is really a cinch. But no flamingos! We have blue-birds and orioles, and a titmouseRead More →

NOTE: The direct links to all the individual photos can be found in this post. The other day someone asked me if I knew of a cute pattern for a knit mouse. Well, as you can well imagine, once I started looking I couldn’t stop! And, if hardly seems fittingRead More →

What does an artist look like? She looks like this and this and this. Pixie sculpted her own bird after seeing my Paper Clay Totem. May we always endeavor to see the artist in all of our children and encourage their creative pursuits. Here is an excerpt from the classic noveletteRead More →

Comments are now closed. Congratulations Jill! Please email me within 3 days to claim your prize. Jill says August 9, 2015 at 10:32 am  I love the gentle but growing pace of Oak Meadow. We used it years ago and then stepped away to create our own curriculum and I miss theRead More →

Working with the Miniature Mosaic Pattern When I went over my notes for this block the only thing I had written down was, “took forever.” LOL. I made this block back in May so I can’t remember why it took me so long to complete this block. This block knits upRead More →

Before beginning this project make sure you check out some real turtles. If you are lucky enough to spy one on a nature walk, make sure to get a photo if the wee creature is willing to stand still long enough. If you don’t happen upon a turtle share books aboutRead More →

Better gardeners than I can get hardy hibiscus flowers to grow in Michigan. I have yet to have one successfully winter. Since I adore them, I tend to think of them as annuals and always have one of two plants in the garden. Perhaps I shouldn’t bother but few plants areRead More →

Comments are now closed. Congratulations Lesley! Please email me within 3 days to claim your prize. Lesley says August 1, 2015 at 12:37 pm  Perfect! These are just the supplies I have been looking for! Thanks for the introduction Coupon: 10% off with: WEEFOLKDOLLS Valid through August 15, 2015 A Child’sRead More →