Corset Braid Tutorial Michigan Renaissance Festival

Corset Braid Tutorial Michigan Renaissance Festival

One of  our fall traditions is to visit the Michigan Renaissance Festival. The kids of course, love to dress up and are beginning to want more authentic looking costumes. They are slowly adding pieces to their wardrobe. A set of bracers from last year, a cape I made eons ago, and a few new base pieces. Fairy’s hair was one of the show stoppers this year and it was very easy to do, so I’m including a Corset Braid Tutorial at the end of this post.


Our adventures at the faire this year were cut a bit short as it starting pouring about an hour after we arrived. Oh, we stuck it out for awhile and enjoyed several shows, but there is a point where you begin to sink into the faire grounds up to your ankles. Somehow, even in the driest weather it is muddy but in the rain… oh boy.



Here the kids were bobbing for donuts. You can really see how cool the corset braid looked from the back.

mich-ren-fest2016-costumes mich-ren-fest2016-stands


Corset Braid Tutorial

You will need basic hair supplies and a ribbon approximately 4x as long as your braids.

corset braid tutorialThis is a very easy hairstyle to do. Anyone who can do a French or Dutch braid can create a corset braid.

For the corset braid you will first need to divide the hair into at least two equal parts. For each additional section you add, you will need another ribbon. Set one section aside. You can put it in a pig tail to stay out of the way while working on the other side.


French or Dutch braid each section of hair. I like to do this with a Dutch braid. This style of braid sits up on top of the head and makes it easier to add the ribbon. The basic difference between the French braid and the Dutch braid it that you twist the outside braid strands under instead of over when moving the hair strand from the outside to the center of the braid.

I tried to take some photos to illustrate the Dutch braid but it was hard to shoot while braiding. So instead I found a great tutorial already online that includes some videos. If you need to learn how to Dutch braid here is a great tutorial on How to Make a Dutch Braid.


When your first braid is complete, braid the second section of hair to match.

corset braid tutorial two braids

Corset Braid Lacing Ribbon

Now it is time to add the ribbon to your corset braid. Find the center of the ribbon and lay it on the top of the head centered between the two braids.


Thread the ends of the ribbon under the outside strands from each braid, directly across from each other.


Cross the ends of the ribbon over in the center of the braids, similar to lacing your shoes. Be careful not to twist the ribbon.

corset braid tutorial lacing ribbon

Feed the ribbon ends through the next set of outside strands of hair and cross again.

corset braid tutorial lacing ribbon

Continue all the way down to the bottom of the braids. The laced ribbon creates the corset braid. Gently tighten the corset ribbon as you go to pull the bottom of the corset braids together so it appears as one wide braid. Don’t pull too tight as you want to be able to see the ribbon even in the bottom section.


Wrap the ribbon ends to around the back of the braid.


Tie the bottom ends of the ribbon together in a bow. You can trim the excess ends of the ribbon if you would like.

corset braid tutorial with bow


Tada! You now have a fancy corset braid that looks very elegant but is really easy to do.

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Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. So pretty! My daughter is too young to sit still for this long, but you bet I will be trying it once she is! Thanks for sharing and we are going to the Nor Cal Renn Faire Sunday! So excited!!

    1. Kimara

      Have a wonderful time! Always such a fun day. And I love how Ren Fests are part historical and part fantasy. Enjoy! ~Kimara~

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I could do it to my own head of hair! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks beautiful! And I love the fact that she was reading while you were doing her hair 🙂

    1. Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

      LOL – Sitting in a way that she could read her book was her condition for sitting still, since she didn’t NEED/WANT the braids when I took the photos for the tutorial.

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