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A Wonderful Sarah' Silk Giveaway! YAY!

EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced Monday, November 28. Good luck to all :)

A few weeks ago we had a lovely new sponsor quietly join our family... Sarah's Silk. Actually, Sarah isn't new to Wee Folk Art. She hosted a wonderful giveaway last spring. But now, she has a permanent spot on our blog, so whenever you are HERE, you are just one button push away from visiting her wonderful shop :)

Very often interviews are done to introduce sponsors. Since we already did that in the spring (you can read about that HERE), we thought we would do something a little different. Sarah sent us one of her Starry Night Silk Scapes to test drive. We had 3 very eager guinea pigs! Below are a few of the ways they incorporated the silk scape into their play...  

Indoors... by draping it over their play stand, they created a lovely reading nook. That night they read books under the stars, using flashlights to read by. Camping indoors... totally awesome :)

Michelle decided SHE had the perfect spot for the new silk scape... flowing over a window! I love silks on windows!

Silk Scapes also make beautiful table clothes. We also have Sarah's Rainbow Silk Scape that is used everyday!

The wee ones didn't let Michelle play with it for too long before moving outdoors! The Silk Scapes can be used like parachutes, but much easier to use with a small number of children. Can you run under the silk before you are caught?

Or, can you jump over it?

If you "miss", it's your turn to hold an end of the Silk Scape, but that is just as much fun :)

And, just because it feels so good, you can run... trailing a trail of silk behind you!

Silks are an important part of the wee one's daily play. They present endless opportunities for open ended play. From the large silk scapes down to the mini silks, children will find ways to incorporate them into their play. As a matter of fact, the last time the Little Lady was here, her favorite toy at Gammy's was the silks. Even before heading for home, Meghan placed an order for their own stash of silks. I was sent these pics shortly after their visit. I am told she is seldom without a silk :)

Obviously, we are humongous fans of Sarah's Silks. Here's one of the ways that I like to display/store my silks. I change them out with the seasons.

So, after singing the praises of silks... I bet you want your own (if you don't have any) or more (if you do :) Luckily, Sarah is hosting a giveaway. YAY! One lucky winner will receive their very own Starry Night Silk Scape

Wouldn't this a perfect time of year to win this? Just in time for the holidays. To enter, simply click HERE, go to Sarah's Silk, and make up your Christmas wish list. (There's still time :) Then come back here, and let us know, which Sarah's Silk is at the top of your list. Then... cross your fingers :) The giveaway runs from today, Monday, November 21, and runs through Friday, November 25, at 9:00 pm, EST. Then, a winner will be drawn at random. The winner has one week to contact us or a new winner will be drawn. If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, make sure to get your entry in quickly so you don't forget :)

Michelle and I wish to welcome Sarah's Silk to the Wee Folk Art family. Then, we'd like to thank her for sponsoring this giveaway. Finally, we'd like to wish everyone good luck. The Starry Night Silk Scape is indeed a lovely and versatile toy!

Because of the Thanksgiving weekend, the winner will be announced Monday, November 28. Love a little suspense, don't you ;)

The Hero of Canton... The Man They Call Jayne

First off, we'd like to thank ALL our readers for indulging our silliness, but sometimes silliness over rides sensibilities!

Then, let me say, Tim, Michelle and I were floored by how many people entered this giveaway, and how humorous many of the answers were! We had a blast reading each and every entry, and realized, we are amongst good company :) BTW... we had several incorrect answers, too, and we enjoyed them every bit as much. For that reason, we decided to leave all answers in the random pull.

For those of you that didn't get the reference, here's the explanation... no matter how lame it may sound :)

There was an awesome sci-fi series, Firefly, that was on television for only 1 season during 2002/2003. IMDB gives this description of the series:

"Five hundred years in the future, a renegade crew aboard a small, spacecraft tries to survive as they travel the unknown parts of the galaxy and evade warring factions as well as authority agents out to get them."

Basically, Firefly was about space cowboys. It was a Joss Whedon creation, and starred Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds. In my opinion, and many others, it was a travesty when it was canceled after just 1 season. Because of the quality of the show and incredible dialog, often humorous, it has become a cult classic.

Anyway... there was a rather unscrupulous crew member named Jayne Cobb, played by Adam Baldwin. He often wore a hat with ear flaps, but in the final episode, he receives a gift of a hand knit hat from his mother.

This hat has become iconic in the sci-fi world, especially with the "browncoats" (fans of Firefly.) When Tim saw the ear flap hat on the bird, he made the connection to Jayne's "cunning hat". A bit of a stretch I grant you, but hey, I got it right away. Tell you something about me? And, as far as The Bird They Call Jayne, there was an episode, my favorite, btw, where Jayne is given heroic traits which he doesn't deserve, and the townsfolk even wrote a song about him, The Hero of Canton... The Man They Call Jayne.

So, there you have it. Now, I am going to try to redeem myself for using these two posts for utter nonsense, by tying this all into a crafting project! After the episode with the "cunning hat" aired, it went viral. There are lots of patterns on Ravelry that readers created to look like Jayne's hat. If you have a Ravelry account, just look up Jayne's hat to find many entries. If you don't have a Ravelry account, I am also linking to a blog that has a pattern for the hat. She did a great job, and even boxed the hat like Jayne's. You can find the pattern HERE:

"A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."

Finally... it is time to announce the winner of The Bird They Call Jayne.

The winner is:

Kristin Bray

I don't know if I'm a geek by trade, but I am a huge Firefly fan. Who
doesn't love the awful, lovingly handknit hat that tough guy Jayne
receives in the mail from his mom. You gotta be a folk
hero/thief/generally murdering badass (or a cute felt birdie) to carry
off this hat.

Thanks for the chuckle,


Congratulations, Kristin. Just email us your snail mail address and our tough little Bird They Call Jane will be on his way to your house.

Thanks to everyone that entered... especially to my fellow browncoats. And, I'd like to give a special "nudge nudge wink wink" to all of you that made the Bad Horse connection to Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog.

BTW... If you've never seen the movie Firefly and the movie that came after the series, Serenity, or Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, both created by Joss Whedon, they are available for streaming on NetFlicks. Okay... now that I got THAT out of my system... back to business as usual :)

Improptu Giveaway and Challenge

EDIT: The giveaway in now closed. The winner will be announced on Wednesday morning, 11/16/11. Thanks for playing. We had an unbelievable amount of entries, and we had fun reading all of them :) Comments are now open on this blog entry.

First off, let me apologize to all you non-geeks out there. You are at a distinct disadvantage in this giveaway. HOWEVER, the geek in me was so tickled today, that it prompted me to want to share my chuckle with those of you that are like minded. So, here goes...

I happened to be married to the most wonderful man on the whole planet. I don't think I am exaggerating here. He brushes my hair each night before I go to sleep, and wakes me each morning with a cup of coffee... in bed! And if that isn't enough to make you green with envy... he loves to go shopping with me. And not just to hardware stores or chains that sell oversized flat screen televisions. No... this man actually enjoys quaint little shops and art fairs. So, today, when I told him I was heading out to a little boutique in town that was having their Holiday Extravaganza, and he WANTED to come along.

So, we are in the shop, being crushed by all the other shoppers. Tim is munching on a courtesy bag of popcorn, when he points at the little guy pictured above and says... "Oh, look, THE BIRD THEY CALL JAYNE!" Okay... either you get it or you don't.

So, here's the giveaway. If you know what Tim was referencing, email me at, and tell me why I found this so funny. If you are NOT a geek, and don't understand the joke, BUT you are a great sleuth, see if you can figure it out. If you do, send me an email, own up to the fact that you are not a geek by trade, but you figured out the reference, and I'll make you an honorary geek for the day and accept your entry. Comments will be closed on this post so someone doesn't slip up and give away the answer. You MUST email us at to enter. This giveaway will only run until tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9:00 pm EST. At that time, I'll randomly pick a winner from those that emailed me.

Oh, yes, I guess I forgot to say, the giveaway is for The Bird They Call Jayne. We couldn't help buying one for us, and one to giveaway! Good luck ;)  BTW... we will gladly send Jayne anywhere, so anyone can play.

Here's a little clue...

If THIS doesn't get me enough points to be one of Bad Horse's henchmen NOTHING ever will ;)

Big Changes at Wee Folk Art


I'm not a great secret keeper (understatement noted), so it's been driving me crazy not to share the progress of our new web design with you guys. I must admit I had very little to do with the actual change... it was all Michelle's design and Tim's computer skills. My contribution? Michelle would hold 2 things up and say, "Do you like this or that better?" I suspect she only asked for my input on things that she could have gone either way on. Have I ever mentioned she tends to treat me like a toddler? ;)

Anyway, I suspect you are oooing and ahing along with me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new design. It is less fussy, more open, but at the same time maintains the warmth and spirit of Wee Folk Art. I think she nailed it spot on!

You will need to take some time to reacquaint yourself with the site. We are organized a bit different, with some things being deleted and some new info being added. Probably the greatest change for us is the addition of a "Shop"!

Although our Shop will not be open until January, we are hard at work and very excited for this next evolution at Wee Folk Art. Over the past year we have been approached by many businesses wanting to sell our finished projects or interested in buying some of our patterns. We have also been approached by several businesses to sell kits of some of our projects. We have also had truck loads of request to have our patterns available in a more printer friendly format.

Well, we agreed that this was the next logical step, but we decided instead of selling our creative efforts off to others, we would open a shop and do it ourselves, and be able to do it our way! So, what will be in our shop? We will be selling patterns that can be downloaded immediately, that are written in an easy to follow style and that are print friendly. Patterns will be sold for a modest price. In the future you can also expect to see some E-Books added to the inventory.

Most exciting... we will start carrying kits of some of our special projects. (The dolls pictured above will be one of the first kits in our shop.) When I go to do a project, I have a wealth of materials before me. Most crafters don't have the same materials in their stashes. Now, you can simply buy a kit, and when it comes in the mail, you'll be ready to start crafting. Our shop will start out small, but will grow monthly. We hope this is a service that will have meaning to you. Also, as time goes by, we will be adding more and more crafting supplies, and occasionally, items made by Michelle and myself :).

As we approach the opening to our shop, we will start giving you little peeks :) And for all of you that are now saying, "Darn it". We loved Wee Folk Art because of all the FREE patterns... not to worry. We will continue crafting right here, adding more FREE patterns and applique blocks all the time. Our Shop is not going to replace our blog, hopefully, it is going to enhance it and give our readers choices.

When you are feeling particularly alert :) please spend some time reading over our FAQs. If you've never read them before, you are in for a treat (cough cough). Quite a riveting read ;) Probably half of the emails we receive have questions that are answered in our FAQs. It is especially important to read the sections on copyrights. If you have any questions after reading our FAQs, don't hesitate to contact us at

So, there you have it... our new design, we hope you love it, and the announcement about our Shop that will be coming in January... we hope you are excited. So, run along, take a look around, and let us know what you think, and please report any wonky behaviors you stumble upon. We are sure the site will need some tweaking! Thanks :)

Winner of the Holiday Giveaway from Art of Felt

We have a winner for our Holiday Giveaway from Art of Felt!


What incredible talent. I'm in awe of her work and her creativity.

If I were to win, I think I'd select the King Winter. I have several nativity sets which I adore, but I just can't get past his beard and beautiful shade of blue on his cloak.

Beautiful! All of it!

Congratulations, Leigh Ann. I'm envious :) Please email us at with your snail mail address so Daria can ship you your Winter King. As always, you have 1 week to contact us with your address or a new winner will be selected.

Thank you to everyone that entered. And, especially, thank you to the lovely and talented Daria, from Art of Felt, for her generous giveaway.

Just a note for everyone that would like to purchased something from Daria's Etsy shop. I asked her how long it takes to receive an order. She said,

Registered mail from Israel to the USA can take up to 21 business days, usually it takes about 1.5-2 weeks. If we will send it by express mail, it will
arrive through 3-5 business days(cost $25-30). But sometimes delays can happen for security check ups or customs.

So... if you are interested in ordering from her for the holidays, get your orders in soon :)

Thanks again, all! You can be sure Daria will be hosting more giveaways at Wee Folk Art in the future.


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