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WE HAVE A WINNER! We drew a winner at random… Congratulations to Beth Moore… Submitted by Beth Moore how cute, I have two little ones who would love to play with that little guy Beth, just send us your snail mail address and we will have this little guy andRead More →

Ok, some of my other projects got derailed this week. Bug has been asking when am I going to make him something. I do tend to sew more for the girls… but let me clarify that he gets his fair share of knitwear. Gammy (Kimara) took it upon herself toRead More →

EDIT: Contest is closed. Thanks for participating! We are very excited to be participating in Sew Mama Sew’s May Giveaway. We wanted to share something that said “Wee Folk Art” so we crafted a cute little wooden peg gnome and a sleeping bag for him to cuddle in on chillyRead More →

So, I guess I have been handed over the reigns over here at Wee Folk Art with mom’s instructions of “feed the fish, don’t kill the plants.” Sounds pretty easy… but what to post about? I do have a couple things I’ve been working on… some summer dresses for theRead More →

Beginning tomorrow I will be “off” for the next 2 weeks. Tim is on vacation and we are excited about spending the next couple of weeks AT HOME. Now, this may not be exotic, but we are so looking forward to it. We are locking up the cell phones (mostly)Read More →

  Here is our Crazy Little Bird Applique Block. You’ll notice a few changes from the one on Pixie’s shirt, but all in all, it’s the same little guy. I made the pattern to fit on our 6″ x 6″ blocks. The one on Pixie’s t-shirt is about 85% theRead More →

flickr   Our flickr link has been down for the past few weeks, but it’s up again, and we are delighted to see someone posted a pic of an adorable flower fairy they made using one of our patterns. It is always so much much for us when our readersRead More →

Here’s Pixie in her new skirt and shirt. She loves them! And what’s not to love? A nice comfy skirt and a t-shirt with a totally goofy bird. Can it get much better? Directions for this most basic skirt can be found in our FREE Pattern Section. I used aRead More →

A French Seam, sometimes referred to as an Encased Seam, is a wonderful seam to use when you want to concel the raw edges of a seam. This is great for materials that tend to fray, or if a finished edge may be viewed. (Or if you’re like me and just likeRead More →

           French Seam Outside                              French Seam Inside               Flat Fell Seam Outside                               Flat Fell Seam Inside After doing the tutorial on how to make a French Seam, I had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind. While in school, back in the dark ages, or at least the dim ages, I rememberedRead More →

This is a basic pattern for a simple elastic gathered waist for young girls. This can be made by sewing up the seam of 45” wide fabric, turning down a waistband and hemming. The same concept can be used for bigger girls and even moms. The secret is the widthRead More →

A Flat Fell Seam is the way of finishing off a seam so the raw edges are hidden. Not only does it make the inside of a garment look wonderful, it prevents fraying and extends the life of the seam. It is commonly used on the inside of pants andRead More →

EDIT: When originally posting this blog I erroneously referred to the Flat Fell Seam as a French Seam. My age addled brain “oopsed”. I have since corrected this mistake and have magically changed all references to the French Seam to now read Flat Fell Seam!  I received my first degree from Michigan State UniversityRead More →

Just wanted to share an outfit I just finished for Pixie. I used some of the Project Runway fabric I got last week and made a basic, elastic gathered waist skirt. I’ll have the pattern written up in the next couple of days. I used something called a “Flat FellRead More →

  Thanks to Christy’s suggestion over at Sweet Tidings, I turned my outdoor Wall Flower into a cute Posy Applique Block. I know I’m always saying that “this was designed for a 6″ x 6″ block but the pattern can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs”. This isRead More →

Using the same directions as the Patchwork Pot, Bug, Fairy and Pixie were busy making flower pots for their mommy for Mother’s Day. They needed assistance putting the trim on, and I did put the 2nd and 3rd coat of Mod Podge on for them, but they picked out theRead More →

There’s this “thing” out there. Before you have a child, you should have a dog for a couple of years. If you can take care of it and manage not to do anything irreversibly stupid, chances are you’re ready for a kid. Some logic here, I suppose! Well, I didn’tRead More →

I just received a package with some fabric I ordered off ebay what seems like only moments ago. I couldn’t believe how quickly I got it. THEN, on top of that, as a total and complete surprise, hey, we all love total and complete surprises, right, I received an adorableRead More →

It was a great weekend in the garden. Tim helped turn my doodles into reality. (I use the word helped liberally… he did the lion’s share of the work!) Anyway, I am beyond thrilled with the wall flower and window boxes he made. (Tim is now referring to our houseRead More →