October 2010

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Thirty-two years ago today, I gave birth to my first born and best girlfriend! She taught me the meaning of unconditional love and how to be a mommy. Love you Little Miss! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE!  {photos of Michelle at 3 years old and 17 :: seems like yesterday}Read More →

Do you have a favorite recipe using pumpkin? Tis the season to spread pumpkin cheer far and near! If you would like to share a recipe, just follow these guidelines: Email the recipe to weefolkart@yahoo.com . Include a little anecdotal background. Attach a photo. If you have a blog andRead More →

I’m a doodler. If I’m not actually crafting something, I usually have paper in front of me and I’m sketching and doodling away. Last night my weekend was officially over, when our weekend house guests left, leaving me alone for the first time in days. Sitting at my desk IRead More →

Here is a fun, quick handprint craft project that can add to your spooky Halloween decor. Make your own recycled handprint sand candles. We are going to be revisiting this project today. It was originally published Sep 18, 2008 on Nature’s Way Learning/WeeFolkAcitivies. This afternoon we made handprint sand candlesRead More →

Tonight is our 20th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. I can’t believe it has been 2 decades since our started this! It always makes me feel a little nostalgic… understandably. It also makes me obsessively check the weather forecast beginning a week before the party. And, like most years here in the Midwest, theRead More →

Yesterday there was a lovely comment made by Tara at Fiddle Mama. (Thank you, Tara 🙂 She also mentioned that she just made the Quick Craft Basket. She was delighted that now she has all their crafting supplies in one spot, and when the creative juices start flowing in her wee ones, she isn’t riping the house apart looking forRead More →

Few things can make a gnome get a rumbly in his tumbly faster than the smell of fresh mushrooms sauteing in a frying pan. Axle thinks Britta should add mushrooms to just about everything she makes. Because Britta shares his love for mushrooms, she’s willing to cook them as long as heRead More →

History has a way of repeating itself. Having just returned from our trip to Wisconsin, (Miss you so much Little Lady!) and with our 20th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party fast approaching, I felt like I woke up this morning running. As I was trying to finish up a project I wanted to shareRead More →

I can finally introduce the world to The Little Lady. She was born Monday, October 4. They got home from the hospital on Wednesday, and on Friday Tim and I drove to Wisconsin. I walked in the door and saw “my baby” holding “his baby”. He was wearing a gloating smile that was reminiscent of when heRead More →

Fairy’s request this year for Halloween was to be Little Red Riding Hood. Mainly she wanted this cape! I was a bit worried when I cast on a couple weeks ago whether or not it would be done on time. We have our first Halloween festivities next weekend. Although I missedRead More →

It’s Halloween time, and what’s more fun than some friendly Ghosties? But don’t be fooled by these seemingly simple patterns. Through these 2 applique blocks, we are going to be sharing some techniques this week to help you think “outside the box” or as Michelle likes to say “outside theRead More →