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Can you think of a scene any more serene than rolling hills dots with sheep? The pastoral life suggesting peace, harmony and a simpler time. Sheep in fluffy white coats… picture perfect. Of course anyone that owns sheep knows the work that is involved in keeping any animals and thoseRead More →

Working with the Double Scroll Ok, if you read last week’s post (Afghan Block 17) you will know that I had issues with this block and skipped it the first time around. Since the blog caught up to me, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I thought thatRead More →

Last week I shared a post with a bushel of Knit Monster Patterns. Of course, turnabout is fair play and I couldn’t leave all our crocheters in the lurch, so here is an adorable collection of crocheted monster patterns. Some need to be purchased and several of them are FREE.Read More →

Now that you’ve learned how to build a gnome home, don’t forget about getting your wee ones from one level to another. If you would like to add a set of stairs to your gnome home, you can find a tutorial for making them HERE, but for nimble gnomes a ladderRead More →

15% off all regular priced items with coupon WEEFOLK15 through 9/23/15 About Little Spruce Organics: Welcome to Little Spruce Organics! We are a small, family operated business based in our beautiful home state of Colorado, and our mission is to provide you with organic baby products of the highest quality.Read More →

Working with the Woven Tweed Woah! You might be saying if you have been paying attention. Where is block sixteen? Well, I skipped it. Actually I shunned it after having to rip it out twice. The pattern doesn’t repeat itself in an easy to memorize/anticipate way, so you really have to countRead More →

Not every child seeks out cutesy dolls or adorable stuffed animals as their lovies. Many children love to take a walk on the “wild side”, and when they do, always nice to have a lovable monster to accompany them. Below are knit patterns for creating friends for your own favoriteRead More →

When you finish assembling your gnome home, you must give consideration to how the gnomes will get from one level to another. They aren’t fairies, after all, so they can’t fly! Whenever we build a gnome home, we always include at least 1 set of stairs. Here is our tutorialRead More →

Me: Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.  And on his farm he had a pig, E-I-E-I-O. With a moo, moo here, and a moo, moo there… Them: NO, Gammy, No! (Giggles) Pigs don’t say moo!!! Me: What… that’s not right? Pigs don’t moo? I must be confused. What DO pigs say? Them:Read More →

Working with the Stepped Fret We are almost done working through all of the mosaic knitting patterns. My son, who loves ancient history, informed me that this pattern looks like something that would be on old Greek vases. I love how these mosaic patterns play with the eye; is it aRead More →

Here is a lovely and easy to make Wool Roving Dragonfly for our updated Puddles and Ponds unit. All you need are twigs and roving and a little knowledge about dragonflies. Make sure to add just wisps of colored roving to give the wings an iridescent look. MATERIALS: wool roving smallRead More →

By now you have designed your Gnome Home and have cut and sanded all parts. You are now ready to start putting it all together. Are you excited? You should be! Here we go! GNOME HOME TUTORIAL LINKS: Part 1: Getting Started can be found HERE. Part 2:  Cutting OutRead More →

Working with the Chevron Pattern While working on this pattern I kept making mistakes until I took the time to really “see” the pattern. Rather than looking at the whole zig-zag pattern, you need to look at it as a series of stacked triangles. The light color builds triangles that stack upRead More →

Sunflowers are one of my all time favorite flowers. I love how big and bold their beauty is. I love the healthy seeds they provide us with. I love how they spend their day following the sun. And I love that their harvest signals the transition from summer to autumn.Read More →