How to Play Luta de Gallo

Some of the best games require little or no equipment. The Brazilian game Luta de Gallo, which means “fight of the roosters” can be played inside or outside, and requires only 2 willing participants and two bandannas or rags! It’s a wonderful way to get children up and moving just about any time or anywhere!

Supplies Needed for Luta de Gallo

  • 2 bandannas, rags, scarves, etc
  • 2 players
  • enough room to hop around

How to Play Luta de Gallo

Luta de Gallo

Each player tucks a bandanna in the back waistband or pocket of their pants. Only tuck enough in to hold it in place. It should look like a tail hanging down.

Players cross their right arm across their chest and hold up their left leg.

After a count of three, players hop around on one leg trying to grab their opponent’s bandanna with their free arm. The first person to grab a bandanna wins.

If a player puts their left foot down or unfolds their right arm, they are out.


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