All Things Gnome (Page 3)

Materials: people turnings (wooden pegs) (2 3/8" x 7/8") felt pieces craft glue pattern Important Note: People turnings (wooden pegs) are not all created equal. Even pegs bought from the same company can be slightly different. I highly suggest you make a copy of the pattern, cut it out of paper, andRead More →

We have had our gnome house for almost 2 years now, and just like my own house, I am always adding a little here and there, changing this and that, and allowing our environment to reflect the seasons. When preparing our gnome house for Valentines Day, I decided we neededRead More →

The gnomes enjoy decorating their houses seasonal just like the rest of us. Britta saw the Traditional Snowflakes we scattered throughout the house, and wanted some, too! So, I got right on it for her. She loves them! If you’d like to make some snowflakes for your gnome or dollRead More →

Help your little gnome friends get a good night’s sleep with these Gnome City Beds. Very easy to make, and your gnomes will truly be appreciative! Materials for bed: wooden container decorative wooden knobs crafting glue wood paint Mod Podge or sealer Materials for mattress and pillow: felt pieces stuffingRead More →

Bug was so right when he said our gnome house needed a Santa! Here is our version of Santa Gnome, along with his sack of goodies for all wee gnome children! Following our basic Waldorf Style Gnome directions, I created Santa, with a few variations. Since these are super fast toRead More →

It’s Christmas and I can guarantee you, little gnomes are waiting for a visit from Santa Gnome. Here’s our version to join in the Holiday fun! Materials: Wool felt pieces 6 strand embroidery floss or pearl cotton “fluff” for pompom (this can be roving, yarn or cotton balls) stuffing forRead More →

Our Christmas gnomes, Holly and Noel, are in the Evergreen Forest dicussing the possibility of snow! Directions for a large tree (6″), medium tree (4″) and bush (2″) can be found below. Materials: 1/4″ dowel rod: (6″ tall, 4″ medium, and 2″ bush.) base: approximately 1 1/2″ sliced branch, 3/4″ tall NOTE:Read More →

It’s autumn in the Thicket and the gnomes enjoy a quiet stroll in the colorful autumn woods. Using our Wooden Autumn Forest pattern, make a tree or an entire forest for your gnomes and fairies or use them here and there around the house to simply enhance your Fall decor. Our AutumnRead More →

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m not sure how ours could have been any better! But with the very last hurrah of summer over, we are ready to roll up our sleeves, and seriously ponder autumn! And what could be more autumn than pumpkins? I crafted theseRead More →

When the grandbabies went home yesterday, I stumbled upon this grisly scene! Bodies strewn about, furniture over turned, trees uprooted by their very roots! What could have caused such massive destruction? Upon closer inspection, the perpetrator of this gruesome massacre was discovered… (key foreboding music…) A T-Rex had entered theRead More →

Britta is a fan of rugs. She loves how rugs make her little house feel warmer and homey. So throughout the year Britta is busy crafting rugs. She likes to change them seasonally. Her house is now filled with yellows and greens, pinks and purples… the color of a summerRead More →