June 2009

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The girls needed matching barrettes for their new outfits, so of course I got right on it! Although they haven’t seen them yet, I’m sure they are going to love them. I made these for Pixie, using the cherry print in her ruffle. I decide to use a yo yoRead More →

Quick, easy and fun to make, these yo yo contour clip barrettes will become a favorite. Materials: Scraps of light weight fabric 3/4″ Lace – 5 “ Contour clip barrettes 3/4″ buttons Cotton Perle or 6 strands of embroidery floss Sewing thread Optional – hot glue 1] To cut outRead More →

Fresh off my sewing table, Pixie had to share her Cupcake Outfit. She insisted I took photos of her once she had it on. Who am I to say no? Obviously this is not another Eight Panel Skirt. After the first year of having two girls I quickly realized thatRead More →

The bullion stitch is a beautiful stitch which is perfect for making lavender and wheat. It is sometimes called a caterpillar or worm stitch, and it has a great deal of versatility. The stitch can be made straight as in the lavender above, or you can loop it around itself toRead More →

What could be more summery than lounging on your favorite deck chair with your hair pulled back in a bandanna? Bandannas are a mainstay around here. Whether it is an old fashioned bandanna quickly tied around your head, a reversible bandanna meant to match multiple outfits, or the delicate bandannaRead More →

Use our handkerchief bandana pattern to make a simple bandana for keeping your hair out of your eyes or add embroidery to make it extra special. The directions below are for a plain handkerchief bandana pattern, but options are given for making the handkerchief bandana featured above. A note aboutRead More →

The Eight Panel Princess Skirt Directions are now ready. You can find them in Free Patterns Section. I made this one in some sweet Kaufman Confections fabric that Fairy just had to have the last time we were at Joann’s. Since they were not on sale, Gammy only got 1/2″Read More →

Ruffles are a fun and easy way to dress up even the most basic pattern. Some of you may have a ruffle foot that you can use on your sewing machine… check out your manual. If you want to do it by hand… which I like in small amounts… here is howRead More →

Here is the pattern for a 8 paneled “twirly” skirt that takes the basic elastic gathered skirt and adds a little “flirt” to it! There are 8 panels that flair out at the bottom. You may choose to use 1, 2, 4 or even 8 different fabrics. For that reason we cannot give specific fabric requirements.Read More →

I’ve been busy, busy this week with lots of time spent at the sewing machine trying to finish up all of my summer projects before our summer trips. One that I’m totally in love with is this Eight Panel Princess Skirt made especially for Fairy. I don’t think she knowsRead More →

  There are babushka dolls and then there are babushka dolls! Here’s our little doll wearing a skirt her mom just made for her. The fabric is gorgeous… a Kokka babushka doll print! Michelle used our basic Elastic Gathered Skirt Directions with a few alterations. First, Fairy insisted there wereRead More →

I decided I needed a lot more “bling” to give my babuskha doll that traditional matryoshka “feel”. I sorta just started embroidering and kept going! Anyway, here she is… waiting her final destination… which I haven’t decided on, so she isn’t sewn onto anything yet! But I am done withRead More →

Material: 6 pieces of different colored felt or other fabric Embroidery floss Pattern (3 pages) 1] Make copy of patterns. 2] Cut out fabric as follows (I used): Color A: 1 babushka and 2 ties (light green) Color B: 1 hair (medium brown) Color C: 1 face (very light pink/beige)Read More →

What I should be doing is sleeping… I’m about 80% better, sleep could actually take me to 100%!!! Instead, I was working on the babushka doll. I have her done, but since I’m not sure what I’m doing with her yet, her side seams are open until I blanket stitchRead More →

I woke up this morning with the flu bug that Fairy brought home earlier in the week and this inexplicable desire to design a Matryoshka doll! I’m not sure if the 2 are connected, but between naps and blowing my nose, I managed to design this Posy Peasant Babushka Doll. I’m notRead More →

Materials: 10” wooden embroidery hoop 2 pieces unbleached muslin, 16” x 16” 1 piece thin cotton batting, 16” x 16” Ecru crochet thread (candlewicking or embroidery floss) 16” of 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon Washable marker for tracing Placement pattern Mushroom pattern 1] Make copies of placement pattern and mushroom patterns. 2]Read More →

Way back in the 80s, candlewicking made a comeback. Candlewicking is an interesting Colonial craft technique where ecru thread is used to embroider designs on ecru fabric, traditionally unbleached muslin. Candlewick is the unbleached cotton thread that is used for making candles, something most Colonial families had available for use.Read More →

  Here’s our little Fairy after her performance at her recital. The theme this year was Dance Hotel and Fairy’s class performed The Swimming Pool! There was lots of diving and swimming and nose plugging fun and talent, I can assure you! Here she is after the performance, looking asRead More →

Although I’m not “officially” back until Monday, I was just finishing up a project for Fairy and I thought I’d share a little. Last year Fairy was in her first dance recital. Tell me if there is anything cuter than a 3 year old in a tutu!!! I wanted toRead More →

I have added a USAF Roundel Applique Patch to our Free Appliques Database. This one was not designed to fit on our standard 6 inch squares but instead I made it 7 inches wide to fit nicely across my son’s shirt. Of course you can reduce the size if youRead More →