Stormy Sky Landscape Painting

Stormy Sky Landscape Painting

My kids have always enjoyed mixing crayons or oil pastels with watercolor painting. This is a technique we have done a couple different times over the years as you can see in our winter bird paintings and autumn sky paintings. We are re-visiting the process today to create a stormy sky landscape painting for our Puddles and Ponds summer unit.

Stormy Sky Landscape Painting Materials:

  • Oil Pastels or Crayons
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Black and Blue Watercolor Paints
  • Paint Brush
  • Sponge or rag

Lightning Painting Oil Pastel and Watercolor Materials


Use oil pastels or crayons to draw a storm sky landscape. Use gray for clouds, white for lightning, and dark greens and browns for the ground. You can add additional buildings and trees if you would like. Press firmly around the edges of shapes but do not fill the image with pastel or crayon completely. You will not be able to see the lightning until the next step.

Lightning Painting Coloring with Oil Pastels

Prep your paper for watercolors by dampening the whole page with a wet sponge or rag.

Lightning Painting Watercolor

Using a wide brush, cover the entire page with dark blue and black watercolor paints. The paint will not stick to the oil pastel or crayon markings. Lightning will magically appear in sky.

Lightning Painting Oil Pastel and Watercolor

Lay your stormy sky landscape painting flat to dry.

Stormy Sky Landscape Painting

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  1. This is a lovely painting idea. I have been taking crayon resist (watercolors over crayon) to my creative writing class at the local jail. The women will enjoy painting this scene and then writing about it. Thanks for sharing!

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