November 2009

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Every year Michelle puts an ornament on the tree with her children’s pictures, commemorating that year with a date and pic. This year I used our basic Christmas Tree Applique Block to make the personalized Christmas Tree Picture Ornaments. Make one for each of your children. Because there is aRead More →

NOTE: There is still plenty of time to share your favorite Christmas cookie with us. Just mail us the recipe, photo if you have one, and a little “background” about the cookie. Also, if you’d like your blog shared, make sure to include your URL. Then email all the info toRead More →

This isn’t exactly the time of year I’d feel inspired to design a Firefly Applique Block, BUT we got a request from one of our readers. Seems her wee one LOVES fireflies and she wanted to craft something using a firefly applique pattern, and since we didn’t have one… well, let’sRead More →

This is the simplest Mason jar cover around… so simple it hardly needs instructions!   Materials: Calico fabric 1/4″ ribbon Mason jars 1] Find a round object (I used a 7″ sandwich plate) the size of the cover you want, and trace a circle on your fabric. 2] Using pinkingRead More →

One of the true delights of cold winter days is a toasty warm cup of hot chocolate. Growing up, my Mom ALWAYS had a tin of this instant hot chocolate mix in the cupboard. If stored in an air tight container, it can last up to 6 months in theRead More →

I know there are some of you that flat out refuse the think about Christmas until after the last Thanksgiving dinner plate has been dried and put away. If that describes you, you’ll probably go absolutely ballistic when I start talking about the Post Holiday’s Blues. It’s January. You’ve justRead More →

In an effort to pull all of our crafty endeavors together, I will be importing older posts from my homeschooling site that feature the crafts the kids and I have completed together. I have also added a Kid Crafts category listing on our Top Bar to help our readers findRead More →

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things about the Holidays was baking with my mother. She loved… nah, loves… to bake, and the Christmas cookie platter in our house was always overflowing with the most delectable variety of cookies imaginable. Some of the recipes were hand-me-downsRead More →

I was hoping to get more “words” done today, but alas, I didn’t. Tim cut out and sanded a stack of blocks for me… enough to write a novel if I’m so inclined 🙂 I did get a chance to write up the instructions. They are very easy to makeRead More →

NOTE: For more photos of Wooden Christmas Blocks, check HERE! If you can cut a piece of 2×4, you can make this project. BTW… even if YOU can’t cut a 2×4, many lumber yards are willing to do it for you for a nominal fee. Use your imagination to share greetings and messagesRead More →

I have got about 3 minutes before my house is invaded by the grandbabies for our weekly bagels and corned beef. BUT, I just finished these blocks and I LOVE them. I plan to fill my house with “words” this Christmas. Besides the normal MERRY CHRISTMAS, PEACE and JOY, IRead More →

Confession… we are in full blown Christmas mode here. We are so “That Family”… you know the type that already has the tree up (or should I say trees) and lights on the house (although we haven’t turn them on yet).  The kids wanted to decorate and it seemed likeRead More →

Just a quick peek at something new we are going to be doing here at Wee Folk Art. When we give gifts, not only do we want our gifts to be lovely, we want our presentation to be just as charming. So, we plan to start sharing Gift Boxes. These will be Read More →

My last shopping trip to Plastic and Batteries R Us occurred about 25 years ago. I normally got my Christmas shopping done early. Many years I was done by Halloween, but that particular year I was behind schedule. Not because I was lacking spirit. Not even that I was lackingRead More →

One of the nicest things about our ever growing data base of patterns and appliques, is the ability to mix and match projects, or to repurpose projects for different needs. For example, take the pattern for our Nubbie Doll, make it in a beautiful Christmas flannel, and you have anRead More →

I threw together a tutorial on How To Cut Out Felt. That may sound a little silly, but the difference between a quality felt piece is as much about neat cutting as it is neat stitching. Fair warning… this was not on my plate for today, so I did rushRead More →

This is going to be my shortest blog ever! In the past 24 hours I have been bombarded with questions from people wanting to know how I cut my felt. I gave an explanation in a comment, but I’ve had follow up questions. I think the easiest way to handle this isRead More →

After a year and a half, I have finally completed the tutorial for our Felt Tree Forest. Better late than never, right? And before anyone asks… and I know you will… I do not have a tutorial for the Holiday Gnomes. They were part of last year’s Holiday Giveaway. IRead More →

Our Christmas gnomes, Holly and Noel, are in the Evergreen Forest dicussing the possibility of snow! Directions for a large tree (6″), medium tree (4″) and bush (2″) can be found below. Materials: 1/4″ dowel rod: (6″ tall, 4″ medium, and 2″ bush.) base: approximately 1 1/2″ sliced branch, 3/4″ tall NOTE:Read More →

We’ve gotten a few inquiries about the little Fairy sitting in a tree in the Felt Forest. In answer to every one’s questions, no, we do not have a pattern for the fairy. He was made using the directions for pipe cleaner fairies in Salley Mavor’s incredible book, Felt WeeRead More →