November 2010

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  Tim and I have had one of those rare weekends that we stayed home… alone. Doesn’t happen often, and it is also the beginning of a week long vacation for Tim. YAY! Being behind after the trip to the kids, I finally got Halloween put away, and we decidedRead More →

Below are the general directions on how to cut out wood and prepare it for finishing. You will need to use a scroll saw, a dremel, and sandpaper. I consider myself to be a novice woodworker, and do not offer advice on how to actually use the equipment necessary to complete these projects. I highly recommend youRead More →

We received 2 recipes for pumpkin bread. When comparing the 2 recipes, they were nearly identical, except one recipe made 1 loaf and the other made 2 loaves. There were also some slight variations in the spices. Neither recipe included a photo, so when I had this THING this week,Read More →

When I received this recipe, I thought, okay, I’m in heaven now. Pumpkin and chocolate chips! These sound so wonderful I can’t wait to try them. But what really got to me, was Hallie’s account of the first time she tried them. How many wonderful memories have food, family and friendsRead More →

  I was absolutely thrilled to see this recipe, shared by Sonia at Fledgling’s Hollow. New to blogging, but certainly not new to baking, not only does Sonia share her recipe for the scones, but gives wonderful directions to cook fresh pumpkins. Enjoy the recipes and make sure you stop by Sonia’s blogRead More →

At the end of October we invited readers to share their favorite pumpkin recipes. Because the markets are overflowing with the fall harvest right now, it makes sense that pumpkin is such a common ingredient in fall cooking. The smell of spicy pumpkin dishes always makes me think of cool autumn days, and of family, friends and theRead More →

  Does this poinsettia look familiar? Of course it does. It is the same design used on our Poinsettia Garland, except in a 2 dimensional applique format instead of a 3 dimensional flower.   You know how we are always talking about thinking “outside the block” when using our applique blocks?Read More →

Materials Needed: Water Color Paper Oil Pastels or Crayons Water Color Paints Last week we completed a little mini-unit on weather.This is a topic we covered in much more detail last year… this year it was more of a review BUT the kids were interested in specifically learning about lightning.Read More →

And the winners are… well kick me in the butt! Submitted by Tracy (not verified) on Thu, 11/11/2010 – 11:33. You’re so awesome to hand us this long-coveted project on a platter! Can’t believe we’re at Christmas already, but happy to have a little kick-start. Have always wanted to putRead More →

EDIT: The contest is now closed. The winners will be announced Monday, November 15. Good luck to all! Back in 1980 I first caught a glimpse of a fabric garland in the book Treasury of Christmas Crafts and Foods. It was a large garland, strung around an entire room, and IRead More →