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EDIT: I thought I was going to dodge the creepy crude that’s been working its way through Michelle’s house the past two weeks, But, alas, I finally caught the bug! I was working on a project but for the past 24 hours sleep seemed like a better idea. So, I thought I’d share our felt eggs… again. This is a great early learning project. Fast and easy, and they are lovely withoutRead More →

I finally finished Part 4 of the hairpin lace tutorial. If you would like to try this technique, I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Although there are tons of pics and instructions, I tried to break each individual step down. In a perfect world, I would be able to haveRead More →

We are always encouraging our readers to use our applique patterns to meet your own needs. I have a little wall with shaker pegs where I hang my Easy Cotton Shawls. I wanted a little something above the pegs… something that added a little color and a lot of fun.Read More →

Last week we received this email from a reader and having received her permission, wanted to share her email and pics. Kimara and Michelle, I found your blog a few weeks back. At the time I was bored and I knew I wanted to craft and sew but just hadRead More →

Rice bags are a wonderful little item used to relieve headaches, sinus pressure, and muscle and joint aches. When flowers and herbs are added to the bag, they can be used for stress relief and aroma therapy. They take literally minutes to make and can provide years of relief! WarmRead More →

THIS should be a testament to how much I love you guys… I am sharing some of the most unattractive pics of myself ever! So… this is what I’ve looked like the past couple of days. There are only 2 photo ops of me this week… nose running or blowingRead More →

EDIT: This Give-Away is over. Thanks to everyone that participated, and a special thank you to Juile, at Prairied Point Junction for providing the materials for the Give-Away! We weren’t planning on having a Valentines Day Give-Away, but then we received an offer from Julie over at Wool Felt Central (A.K.A. PrairieRead More →

January, February and March are the months Michelle and I decorate. It is post holidays and before the gardens call us outdoors. Below is a post from One Generation to Another, first published June 8, 2008. We decided this would be a great time to share this because we will be doing our handprint project next week. WatchRead More →

Here are the final directions for finishing your Winter Blues Buster Gift Box which include the Snowmen Napkins, Scarf Napkin Rings and Snowflake Wool Penny Coasters. All the crafts are easy, with the coasters being the most time consuming, but considering they are easy peasy to make, it’s hard toRead More →

  Every year Michelle adds a picture ornament to the tree with Bug’s, Fairy’s and Pixie’s pictures and year. This year I made the ornaments using our Christmas Tree Applique Block. The wonderful thing about this ornament, besides being adorable 🙂 is the pocket on the back. The pocket makesRead More →

Every year Michelle puts an ornament on the tree with her children’s pictures, commemorating that year with a date and pic. This year I used our basic Christmas Tree Applique Block to make the personalized Christmas Tree Picture Ornaments. Make one for each of your children. Because there is aRead More →

This is the simplest Mason jar cover around… so simple it hardly needs instructions!   Materials: Calico fabric 1/4″ ribbon Mason jars 1] Find a round object (I used a 7″ sandwich plate) the size of the cover you want, and trace a circle on your fabric. 2] Using pinkingRead More →

One of the true delights of cold winter days is a toasty warm cup of hot chocolate. Growing up, my Mom ALWAYS had a tin of this instant hot chocolate mix in the cupboard. If stored in an air tight container, it can last up to 6 months in theRead More →

I was hoping to get more “words” done today, but alas, I didn’t. Tim cut out and sanded a stack of blocks for me… enough to write a novel if I’m so inclined 🙂 I did get a chance to write up the instructions. They are very easy to makeRead More →

NOTE: For more photos of Wooden Christmas Blocks, check HERE! If you can cut a piece of 2×4, you can make this project. BTW… even if YOU can’t cut a 2×4, many lumber yards are willing to do it for you for a nominal fee. Use your imagination to share greetings and messagesRead More →