January 2010

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What a busy time in the Thicket. Britta is bustling around readying the house for a Valentines Party she is throwing for some friends. She just finished this lovely banner with flowering vines meandering over a Valentine’s heart. Although cold weather is still evident throughout the Thicket, hearts are warm with Valentine Cheer. There isRead More →

We are always encouraging our readers to use our applique patterns to meet your own needs. I have a little wall with shaker pegs where I hang my Easy Cotton Shawls. I wanted a little something above the pegs… something that added a little color and a lot of fun.Read More →

Last week we received this email from a reader and having received her permission, wanted to share her email and pics. Kimara and Michelle, I found your blog a few weeks back. At the time I was bored and I knew I wanted to craft and sew but just hadRead More →

This is the little mouse that is running up our stairs. The kitty had been on the stairs for a couple of years when Bug decided it should be chasing a mouse. So, tah dah, a mouse! I like to think they are in a well spirited, playful game ofRead More →

Rice bags are a wonderful little item used to relieve headaches, sinus pressure, and muscle and joint aches. When flowers and herbs are added to the bag, they can be used for stress relief and aroma therapy. They take literally minutes to make and can provide years of relief! WarmRead More →

THIS should be a testament to how much I love you guys… I am sharing some of the most unattractive pics of myself ever! So… this is what I’ve looked like the past couple of days. There are only 2 photo ops of me this week… nose running or blowingRead More →

We receive the most wonderful emails from our readers. Some are questions, some are suggestions, some are heart touching stories that fill our eyes with tears and our hearts with love, and some, like this one, are informative, and at the same time make us giggle. I asked Di if sheRead More →

A few weeks ago I share pics of our playroom. On the stairway, there is a painting of a kitty chasing a mouse… all in good fun 🙂 When the children we very little, and low to the ground, they crawled up and down the stairs, putting them at eye levelRead More →

The winners of our Valentine Give-Away are JoAnn and Sarah with the posts listed below: Yay a give away! 🙂 Submitted by JoAnn(fullheart) on Wed, 01/20/2010 – 10:04. What a wonderful kit! Thanks for so many chances to win! AND That’s very sweet, thank you Submitted by sarah on Thu,Read More →

Several weeks ago I asked for special chicken soup recipes. I got a few, plus I got this email from Meghan, at A Bolder Table, with a recipe… not for chicken soup, but for another soup that sounded too delicious to pass up. When I went shopping the other day,Read More →

Here is a fun and fast little Valentine project to do with the kids… Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts. They are fun to make and will brighten up your window even on a gloomy winter day. An added bonus, they can help stop kamikaze birds from flying into your windowRead More →

EDIT: This Give-Away is over. Thanks to everyone that participated, and a special thank you to Juile, at Prairied Point Junction for providing the materials for the Give-Away! We weren’t planning on having a Valentines Day Give-Away, but then we received an offer from Julie over at Wool Felt Central (A.K.A. PrairieRead More →

Let’s face it. It’s the little things we do that make a house a home. And when we are in tune with nature, our homes often reflect the "goings on" outside. That certainly is one of the reasons houses have windows… so we feel the connection with the out-of-doors. Well, the mistressRead More →

The gnomes enjoy decorating their houses seasonal just like the rest of us. Britta saw the Traditional Snowflakes we scattered throughout the house, and wanted some, too! So, I got right on it for her. She loves them! If you’d like to make some snowflakes for your gnome or dollRead More →

Remember… If you would like to share your favorite chicken soup recipe with our readers, just email us the recipe, along with a little something about the soup, your website, if you have one, and a pic is available. It’s always so much fun to "swap" recipes with friends! Sue,Read More →

You don’t need to wait for a blizzard to play in a Winter Wonderland… not if you make your own indoor snowstorm! Grab a sharp pair of scissors and doilies, and before it know it, it will be snowing inside! Materials: Doilies – different sizes Transparent Nylon thread Laminating film orRead More →

The 2 earliest crafts I remember making are paper chains, held together with a flour paste my mom made, and snowflakes. I can remember folding construction paper into eighths, instead of sixths, because eighths were easier to fold, and cutting through 8 layers of construction paper with those blunt end,Read More →

Just about everyone I know knits. If they didn’t know how to before meeting me, chances are I’ll be teaching them. Although I am a multi-crafter, knitting is often my "go to" craft I use for television watching, chatting with friends, or waiting in doctors’ offices. It’s neat, easy toRead More →

If someone asked me what my favorite food was, I’d say soup. I know that’s not very specific. There’s hundreds, nah thousands, of soups from simple broths to creamy bisque’s. But it doesn’t matter to me. I have yet to meet a soup I didn’t like. Okay, I take that back…Read More →