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So… here’s the low down on the panda… Michelle, you know Michelle, my lovely, talented daughter and partner in crime here at Wee Folk Art? Well, she comes to me a week ago and said: “I have a request. Can you make a panda applique? I need to make t-shirtsRead More →

With the high temps we’ve been having this summer, many of my poor flowers are showing the strain. But here, appliqued on black felt, a garden of rainbow flowers are bright and perky! Made entirely with one small petal, these flowers look awesome together but one by itself would lookRead More →

With the 4th of July just days away, here in the USA, many streets and buildings proudly display our flag and many flag based decorations. Today we are sharing our version of the flag… an applique with lots of "heart" for our nation 🙂 My plan was to turn this intoRead More →

Several weeks ago one of our readers asked if we take requests for applique blocks. Basically I think I told her, "Absolutely, if it's something I want to make 🙂 " In other words, ask me to design a computer keyboard… probably won't get to that. But ask me toRead More →

Think of this as our “close up” of the Monkey Madness Applique Block. Wouldn’t this look great centered on a bib or a onesie? Blow it up a bit, and put it on your 8 year old’s t-shirt. Blow it up a lot, and make a throw pillow. Shrink it,Read More →

There have been many interesting ideas of how to use the design in the Little Birdies Eye Case for other projects. But then I thought, I might be thinking too small! It occurred to me that these little guys could, and should, be included in our Applique Blocks. So, IRead More →

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ONE AND ALL! Please accept a little Valentine from Michelle and I to you. First, an applique made up entirely of hearts! As always, this was designed to fit a 6″ x 6″ block but it can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs. The pattern for the PutRead More →

NOTE: Although the number 5 is depicted in the applique, numbers 0 – 9 are included on the pattern. So… when could you possibly need numbers in the shape of bones? Well… if you’re: making doggie birthday bandannas anything Halloween related have a little pirate in your life are doingRead More →

The other day when I posted the Swimming Turtle Coloring Page, one of our readers asked if we could do a bear. Well, as it turns out, bears are a perfect companion to Winter Wonderland Curriculum. So, it didn’t take much encouragement to agree to make a bear coloring page. And, sinceRead More →

Do you have a little would be knight in your life? Then chances are, you’ll find something to embellish with this applique! Last week I got an email from one of our readers asking if I had every designed a pattern for a Fleur de Lis. Nope, I hadn’t. ButRead More →

Yesterday I went to Wee Folk Art’s Applique Blocks to get a pattern for a butterfly. What? I never designed a butterfly? That’s crazy! I thought for sure I had. I know I designed a butterfly for another project, but with butterfly season upon us, I decided I needed toRead More →

Is there anything more exciting and rejuvenating than the smell of spring? On sunny days, as the snow begins to melt, and day time temperatures soar to a whopping 45 degrees F, my head begins to spin with prospects of flowers and picnics. Here in the Midwest, a sure signRead More →

Sending everyone a "felt heart", um, we mean a"heartfelt" wish for a Happy Valentine’s Day! Fondly, Kimara and Michelle Like all our blocks, this one was made to fit a 6” x 6” but can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. (Note: I forgot to add the little groupings of 3 tiny flowers onRead More →

What a busy time in the Thicket. Britta is bustling around readying the house for a Valentines Party she is throwing for some friends. She just finished this lovely banner with flowering vines meandering over a Valentine’s heart. Although cold weather is still evident throughout the Thicket, hearts are warm with Valentine Cheer. There isRead More →

This is the little mouse that is running up our stairs. The kitty had been on the stairs for a couple of years when Bug decided it should be chasing a mouse. So, tah dah, a mouse! I like to think they are in a well spirited, playful game ofRead More →

A few weeks ago I share pics of our playroom. On the stairway, there is a painting of a kitty chasing a mouse… all in good fun 🙂 When the children we very little, and low to the ground, they crawled up and down the stairs, putting them at eye levelRead More →

  Although this little nosegay isn't exclusively a Valentine's design, made up in reds, pinks and maroons, this would happily embellish many Valentine's projects. One of my favorite late spring flowers is the peony. They are bold and flamboyant and their colors are lovely. The only problem is… their bloomsRead More →

Okay, I’ll admit it… I’m like everyone else. I love our Wooden Pine Forest, but my heart was captured by the little birdies! So, it only seemed fitting that I “immortalize” them in one of our applique blocks. I took the little bird and made 2 larger variations. On ourRead More →

This is the pattern I used when crafting our Wooden Autumn Forest. It’s always fun using different materials to make the same pattern. I made this Autumn Oak Block Applique in golds, but it could be done in oranges, reds and browns. I designed it to fit our 6″ xRead More →