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Please note, these have all been designed to fit on a 6in by 6in square. Click here to learn how to Reduce or Enlarge the Patterns to fit all your project needs.


Applique Blocks:
Apple Tree
AURYN Medallion
Autumn Oak
Basic Doll
Babushka Doll
Bear in Water
Bitty Birdie
Black Bird
Bone Numbers
cat - black
Cherry Cluster
Christmas Tree
Crazy Little Bird
Cup of Cocoa
Curved Heart
Falling Leaves
Fleur de Lis
Flower with 5 petal 2 leaves
Fried Egg
Gingerbread Man
Gnome for the Holidays
Heartfelt Valentine Heart
Helping Hands
Ice Cream Cone
Little Birdie
Log Cabin
Maple Leaf
Monkey Head
Moon and Stars
Oak Leaf
Our House Applique Block
Owl - Woodland
Painter's Palette
Patriotic Heart
Peace Sign
Peonies - Valentine
Primitive Angel
Put A Little Love in Your Hear
Rain Boots
Rainbow Flowers
Running Kitty
Running Mouse
Slumbering Owl Applique Block
Spring Flower
Stacking Birdies
Star Trio Applique Block
Sun and Moon
Thanksgiving Turkey
Tree Stump Applique 
USAF Roundel Applique
Valentines Heart
Wee Folk Art Mushrooms
Woodland Mushroom
Yarn Ball

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Good day, I really love your blog and website, and have gotten many lovely ideas. Do you take requests? My friend collects hedgehogs and I would love to make her something using an applique with a hedgehog on it. Kind regards, Cheryl

I love hedgehogs, too, and I've been meaning to make a hedgehog. I put the request on a post-it on it's now on my wall. I will try to get to it sooner than later :) Watch for it.

Oh My Gosh - what a fabulous way to start my day! I was the one who requested the hedgehog, and would check periodically to see. This morning, I am reading your great post about jacks (don't remember ever playing that, but I want to try it with my grandsons) and there was my hedgie! First plans are to applique it on to two T-shirts for craft camp this year; one for me and one for the Lace teacher. The hedgehog is the international mascot of lacemakers. Much thanks, Cheryl

I didn't know hedgehogs represented such a talented group :) I would love to see photos of your t-shirts when you are done. Glad you like him :)

I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Your efforts are really appreciate able.

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Thank you so much. You are incredibly generous!

Allgemein eile ich auf blogs nicht dahin, aber ich möchte sagen, dass dieser Posten mich wirklich zwang, so, Ausgezeichneter Posten zu tun!

Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

I LOVE love LOVE your website!

Thank so much for sharing these with us! Featured this today on my "Walk Around Blog Land" -

I came to your site from Lee mentioning it at quilting readers garden who has an applique thursday. Your blocks are so cute!
Thanks for sharing these wonderful blocks


Hey Michelle and Kimara,

for some reason i thought you guys had a rainbow block, but i am mistaken. sooo, if you are thinking of a new design, a rainbow would be fab. ;)

how's the GF transition going?

thank you!

I added a rainbow applique to my post-it board :)

Going gluten free has had a wonderful impact on Fairy. Her problems with dairy have even improved as we stopped taxing her system with gluten. We are still in the discovery stage of converting recipes and making natural substitutions. I must admit at times it is hard, but frankly, I think we are all benefiting from reduced gluten in our diets. Thanks for asking :)

These are so fantasic...the only problem I have is deciding which one to try first!!!! Thank you for the wonderful designs.

so much for trying to be sneaky and make Christmas presents!!! These are soooo beautiful. I am making fall Gnomes right now. Mr 5 year old was hoping for a squirrel applique pattern. I love them myself so I would second that. Thank you so much for your sharing your artistic creations!!!!

Boy, are you in luck :) I had a drawing of squirrel almost done. Tell your son I'll get one up next week :)

I've surfed the net more than three hours today, and your blog was the coolest of all. Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me.
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Thank you so much for such generous sharing! I am delighted, and will be eager to visit your Etsy shop. You are head and shoulders above all the free applique and patterns sites I have seen.

I have been looking for applique designs for so long and after seeing your website ,i think i have found whatever i needed,just wanted to say thankyou to all who contributed for the stuff in this website.All designs are lovely and i can't wait to try them on my neice clothes.
once again thankyou so much for all your hard work.

Though all of them have a beautiful and alluring simplicity. Santa on the bottom, rocks! Hello from us!

I would love to see a pattern for a princess or mermaid applique. Your applique patterns are wonderful.

I have just come upon these appliques - they are wonderful. It is more wonderful that you have made them available to others at no cost and with instructions to make them fit our needs. WoW! Thank-you. Thank-you very very much.

Thanks for sharing this great source. I feel that I found a goldmine :) I am a true art fan and love these kind of stuff.

A brilliant site. Thanks for inspiration when I was getting bored with the same old patterns for applique. Keep going!

Geraldine UK Nov 2012

Cannot believe how inventive you are on this site and I check it at least weekly! If you get some time on your train trip do you think you might design an applique (or peg toy) that is a penguin? I have a dear young lady who collects them and I would love to make one for a shower gift for her.

Kind regards,

I'd be happy to :) Sticking a post-it up right now "Penguin". I know a couple people that are also penguin fans :)

i would like the ice cream comb pattern and the monkey pattern pls

If you click on the photos above of the ice cream cone and the monkeys, you will be taken to the actual tutorials. Included are links to the actual patterns for the appliques that you can download for free :)

One word: AWESOME!!!!!
If there's a crafting version of salivating, that's what I'm doing - just very quickly scanning these appliqué blocks, I've already fashioned 3 seasonal wall hangings, a baby quilt, a throw pillow and 2 totes - in my mind! Lol

I CANNOT get over these beautifully designed patterns being free, and your sponsor-free site is truly refreshing. I have perused this site from time to time over a few years of home schooling, but I now have you as an icon on my phone, so I can drool any time I have a minute! ;)

Thanks for honouring childhood and family, and giving us such inspiration.

Hehe... thanks for your kind words. Michelle and I love sharing our work with others, and truly, our reward is knowing our designs are used and appreciated by others. As long as you are salivating uncontrollably, I know we are on the right track ;)

Thank you so so much for sharing these lovely patterns...I just started this exciting craft. I wasn't into needle work at all but to be honest I'm quite enjoying the stitching... thank you for the tips as well... you're GREAT!!! Good blessings!!! :)

it's Claire btw

I have just found your blog and I am in love with the many applique items you have. I just wanted to thank you so much for making them available. If you do not mind terribly, I would love to include your blog link on my blog for my readers to find you also, as you have helped me so much with finding some applique patterns that have been very useful to me. With your permission, of course, I would like to share some of my makings on my blogpost in the near future and link to you, so my followers can find the same incredible inventory of tutorials and patterns as I have. Thanks for making this available.


Thanks for all your kind words, Jodi. I'm so glad you have been able to make use of our appliques. Not only is it okay for you to link to our site on your blog, we truly appreciate it. It is the best way for us to make new friends :)

If you do share our appliques on your blog, you may share a picture of them, or, obviously, your own work, and include a link to our site for the specific applique. The only thing you can't do is actually share the pattern on your blog. Please do not link directly to the "free pattern", aka, the pdf. Make sure to let us know when you post something so we can stop by for a visit!

Thank you so much for sharing these lovely patterns. I run a school craft club in England and the children will love these designs.

So glad you are able to use them. Most of them are fairly simple which makes them easy for children to use. Love to hear about school craft clubs. Wish more children had that opportunity.

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