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DIY Sunflower Showcase

Sunflowers are one of my all time favorite flowers. I love how big and bold their beauty is. I love the healthy seeds they provide us with. I love how they spend their day following the sun. And I love that their harvest signals the transition from summer to autumn. I was looking for some inspiration for making some sunflowers, and when I was overwhelmed by so many choices, I thought the projects ... read more

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Gnome Home :: Part 2 :: Cutting Out Pieces

  Before beginning, read GNOME HOME :: PART 1 :: GETTING STARTED Following those directions found in Part 1, design your gnome home and create the full-sized pattern you will be using. Trace your patterns onto the wood. Using a hand saw or jigsaw, cut out each wood piece on the lines you have drawn. Your cutting does not need to be perfect. Don't worry if you go off the lines a ... read more

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Cat and Mouse Crochet Patterns

A few weeks ago we shared a Showcase of Cat and Mouse Knit patterns. You can see them HERE. They were a big hit but we had lots of people looking for crocheted patterns. I got right on it, almost finished the post, went on vacation, then forgot about it! Oops! So a few weeks late, and giving our crocheting friends their due, here is a collect of Cat and Mouse Crochet Patterns that we think are ... read more

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