Cupcake Block Applique


Often when I'm sitting around doodling, I draw cupcakes. (Second only to my old dog, Fred, doodle wise!) I'm not sure if it's because they are relatively easy to draw, because I'm hungry, or because they are just so darn cute! Anyway, it only makes sense that it would be one of my first block appliques. Easy to make, and with the popularity of cupcakes today, I'm sure you can find many places to "stick it". As with all other block appliques, this is sized to fit on a 6" x 6" block, but you can enlarge or reduce its size to fit your needs. There are 2 different options for adding the cherry on top. You can either cut out a piece of felt and blanket stitch it on, or like the picture above, use a chain stitch to completely fill in the circle. I started on the outside of the circle and embroidered my way in! I want to make a set of contour clip barrettes for the girls for Easter, and cupcakes will definitely be on a set. I'll include directions after I make a pair. In the mean time, you can get the directions for the Cupcake Block Applique here. Enjoy!

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Cupcake Pattern

Thank you so much for the cupcake pattern. It worked perfectly as an applique to enhance some store-bought dish towels. I plan to finish the towel this afternoon and will be posting the pictures with a link to your fun pattern.

You are very generous to share your patterns. Thanks again!

Aprons and book

Kimara... you'll find my aprons + recepies books with another version of your appliqué on my blog Have a look and leave me a comment... Mu

holiday appliques?

I am working my way thru these patterns to make a banner for my grandbaby's room and wondered if you guys might have plans or could work up a few holiday-themed applique patterns? Nothing fussy would be needed, but I think would be a great addition to the collection!


Hope G (UK)

Great Idea!

Time permitting, we'd be happy to add some holiday appliques... although it would make the most sense to add them as the year progresses. For the time being are there a couple that you'd really like in the near future to help your current project? If I have the time I'll try to at least design the patterns, even if I don't have time to actually make the blocks.

Wee Folk Art Publisher

holiday appliques

Maybe a halloween and a christmas one? I have some leaf patterns i can use for Autumn. My daughter is back in the states and as an ongoing gift, I am going to mail blocks to her for additions to the banner--for holidays, etc. Thanks for your quick reply! Easy to do and very 'mailable'. I will be sure to post pics somewhere when I get these done!

Hope G

i love this!! i've been mia

i love this!! i've been mia for a few weeks since the holidays, but am getting back into the swing of things. alot to catch up on here! hahah thanks so much kimara!!! :)

Welcome back!

Nice to have you back! Been lots going on since Christmas and a lot more planned for the Spring! Hope all is peaceful on the home front :)

Wee Folk Art Publisher

i love cupcake!

This is a sweet project! Thank you!

Too cute!

Wow! Thanks for sharing your adorable cupcake pattern! I can't wait to put it on something!


My daughter is cupcake crazy and I've got a whole stack of felt waiting to be made into clips! Love this one!


I love this cupcake! I want to put this on a bib. Do you think it would be okay to use felt on a bib? I really haven't worked much with felt before.

Good idea!

What a cute idea to put this applique on a bib! It would be adorable. And trimmed with some cute ric-rack, or fun bias tape...totally adorable. It would be a really easy applique to do with Wonder Under or Heat N Bond Lite. Then, you can just machine stitch with a zig zag (or satin stitch or button hole stitch) around the applique.

Felt for bibs?

The short answer is... you could... but if you do make sure you use a very good quality synthetic felt. You cannot wash wool felt because it can shrink and almost always the colors will run. The synthetic felts can be washed and should be colorfast.
Having said that, I probably would not choose felt for a bib. Bibs take a lot of abuse. I would be more inclined to use a cotton or a cotton blend. You can still use the same pattern but attach the applique to the bib using a fusible interfacing like Wonder Under.  

Wee Folk Art Publisher

Like the cherry

Oh! Very cute way to embroider the cherry with the circular chain stitch. many potential applications. I have been wanting to make cute felt barrettes ever since seeing a tutorial on Angry Chicken. But, with no girls in the house, there really hasn't been any impetus to make them. Although, maybe I can make some for myself.....

Not just for kids!

Funny. Angry Chicken's are just like the ones I use to make way back in the 70s. If you can believe it, I still have a couple!!! Guess there really aren't any new ideas out there... unless we're talking quantum physics! Anyway, I like covering the barrettees because it's easier to attach things to them... don't have to glue you can sew... and they also don't pull your hair as much. I'll have a tutorial up when I start making them in a couple weeks. And as far as making some for yourself, they're not just for kids... go for it! I think you could pull it off nicely! 

Wee Folk Art Publisher


Do you know where you can buy the little barrette clips? Craft store, or is it better to go to a beauty supply store? Hmm...I wonder where there is one of those around here? Maybe a supplies search on Etsy is in order....I am starting a little crafting club and all the other ladies have at least one girl. It might be fun to have supplies to make these on hand for our first get-together in a few weeks.

Where to buy contour clips

I just picked up a pack earlier today at Target. You can even get them at the grocery or drug store. Basically, you'll find them anywhere they sell any hair products. Mine are made by "Goody". They are called contour clips. Quite inexpensive too. The club sounds like fun. I'll want to hear more about it! 

Wee Folk Art Publisher