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raindrop Collage

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Raindrops

I am a fan of rain. I can honestly say there have only been a handful of days in my life when I felt like rain ruined the day for me. I love the sound of rain. I love the smell of the earth after a rain. I love to be caught in a summer shower... it makes me feel like I am 8 years old again! I love it when Mother Nature takes care of watering my plants and I can simply whisper a heartfelt "thank ... read more

Birds, Bunnies, Buds, Butterflies, and Bees

Springs Bs Second Edition & Facebook Homeschool Group

Birds, Bunnies, Buds, Butterflies, & Bees We are happy to announce that the Spring Bs Second Edition is now available. This means that all three of our Simple Seasons core curriculum guides are now available in print and tablet ready formats. Yay! This project has been several years in the making. We are currently working on updating our 9 week summer unit Puddles & Ponds and plan to also ... read more


Leapin’ Lizard Coloring Page

When my children were young, actually before I even had my third, my parents owned a condo in Florida and would spend several months there each winter. It was lovely going down there for a week each winter to soak up the sun and play on the beach. After I put the wee ones down for a nap each afternoon, I'd go sunbath out on the lanai. It should have been a delight... resting... sunning... ... read more

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